April 05, 2023

Episode #221: Challenging and bettering yourself, with Harry Garside

If you happen to be watching I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here on Channel 10, you will have just seen today’s KICPOD guest Harry Garside walk into the South African jungle. How fitting that the 25 year-old Olympic medal winning boxer is taking on months of immense physical and mental challenges to not only raise money for charity, but for personal growth. After hearing today’s episode, you’ll agree that this will be a walk in the park for Harry in comparison to some of his previous feats.

Harry is one of the few men in sport who challenges gender stereotypes, wearing whatever he feels good in whether that be a dress, a skit, nail polish, or a suit and tie. Harry pushes every boundary in his life, often challenging his mental and physical limits with things like laying in a freezing cold lake at 5am in winter, or not talking for days. He even stops mid conversation for 30 seconds during today’s episode to do a mindfulness exercise that he has set for himself. Nothing can get in the way of his dedication to becoming the best possible version of himself, which we admire so much and hope to learn from.

In today’s chat we also discuss finding your identity, how he navigates toxic masculinity, and the benefits of getting out of your comfort zone