October 13, 2021

World Mental Health Day: Practicing self-care

Just like we put time, care and effort into looking after our physical heath, we also need to make sure we are doing this for our mental health too. Unlike our physical health where the benefits and improvement are tangible, visible and measurable, our mental health improvements aren’t always as material, but this doesn’t negate their significance.

In fact, often when we make breakthroughs in our mental health, they better serve our physical health and help us improve on our relationships including the one which we have with ourself. It is for these reasons that we never want you to deny or neglect taking time to look after and improve your mental health.

Taking care of your mental health can be done in a variety of ways. There is no right or wrong way, there is simply your way. Your way is the way in which you find best supports your emotional, psychological, and social well-being. Many of us are still figuring out how we can best do this and it is totally normal if you haven’t quite figured our your way yet!

Knowing that we each have a unique mental health recipe which is always in development, we wanted to provide you with some ‘ingredient’ suggestions to help you discover your way and your recipe. So, here’s our list of our favourite self-care ingredients, many of which have formed a fundamental ingredient in our mental health recipe.

  1. Doing a facemask.
  2. Listening to a favourite podcast.
  3. Switching off and having an early night.
  4. Taking 5 minutes to meditate.
  5. Reaching out for support and help.
  6. Eating foods the we love which fuel our body and soul.
  7. Removing toxic relationships.
  8. Exercising.
  9. Taking a mental health day.
  10. Washing your hair.
  11. Taking a moment to get some fresh air.
  12. Filling up your own cup first.
  13. Taking time away from social media.
  14. Saying no to things that don’t serve you.
  15. Accepting that it’s okay not to feel okay.

We hope that this list has inspired and motivated you to try out some new ‘me-time’ ingredients. Remember that taking time for self-care will not only enable you to reap a wide range of benefits including opportunities to reflect or relax, but it will also help you perfect your mental health recipe and understand how you can best help yourself when you’re feeling down.