October 06, 2022

Mediations to help you unwind, shake off stress and sleep better

Here at KIC we are big believers in the importance of finding time to practice self-care. Sleep is one incredible thing we can do to practice self care and that’s why we’re shining a light on resetting your sleep habits this October. 

One of our favourite ways to relax and unwind before bed is by completing a meditation. It’s oh-so-simple but oh-so-effective. It does wonders for our mental health and how at peace our mind feels before drifting off to dreamland. 

We want to encourage you to harness the power of meditation so we thought we’d share our favourite KIC mediations that can help send you off into a deep slumber. 


Have you had a stressful day or are feeling a little anxious? If the answer is yes, then we definitely recommend giving this meditation a try!

This 16 minute meditation is particularly great as it begins with gentle breath cues to help settle your heart rate.

Often when we’re carrying a lot of tension, it can be tricky to fully give in to the meditation cues, however we encourage you to fight that tension and resistance and give yourself permission to relax.

What is also powerful about this specific meditation is that it acknowledges your stress while also reminding you not to wrestle with those feelings. Instead it encourages you to be patient and know that when the time is right, sleep will come. 


Listening to a soundscape is one of the best ways you can completely let go and relax into the comfort of your bed.

These rain sounds are designed to help immerse into a place of peace, where you can feel calm and slowly release any tension from your day. They are a mindless listen in the best possible way, especially if you’re wanting to feel a little more in tune with nature.  

Also, if you’re not a fan of traditional meditations where you’re guided through a state of relaxed concentration by a gentle voice, then we recommend trying a soundscape! It’s a completely different experience. 

WANT TO GET SLEEPY? LISTEN TO: Receiving Rest with Meg

Get comfy in bed and immerse yourself in this 27 minute sleep mediation with Meg. Although slightly on the longer side, this mediation is one of our personal faves as it will help you feel relieved from your day and ready for sleep (especially if you’re still feeling a little awake).

Beginning by Meg gently instructing you to close your eyes and settle down, your breathing will deepen and your body will fall into an ultimate state of relaxation and rest. Meg’s soothing voice allows you to forget any anxieties or mishaps of your day. This mediation is the perfect reminder that when bed time comes about, it’s okay to receive rest, release yourself from the throws of life and forget about anything that is going on and just be.

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