August 31, 2022

Skincare and sweat: Your ‘Go-To’ routine

Care for your skin pre- and post-workout with these tips and tricks from the skincare gurus, Go-To Skincare.

Did you know your workout can have a real impact on your overall skin health? Exercise boasts some serious benefits and also carries the potential for cranky skin (Rude!).

In the pros column, working out can promote collagen production and new skin cells through increasing the heart rate and aiding blood circulation. This, along with the endorphins released during exercise, creates that post-workout glow we crave.

On the other hand, you might find that exercising can lead to congestion and the irritation of existing skin conditions like acne. (Ruder.) 

But, there’s plenty you can do both pre- and post-KIC’ing it to keep skin feeling and looking healthy. 


When you and your emotional support water bottle are ready to get to work, there are a few things you can do before your workout to help your skin.

Go fresh faced: Gently remove all traces of makeup or evening skincare that might still be lingering after the night before, as the mixture of makeup, heavy night creams and sweat can be a pore-clogging nightmare. Micellar water or a gentle cleanser should do the trick. 

Protect: SPF! If you’re working out in the sun, pleeeeease protect your skin. Apply a water-resistant broad-spectrum SPF 50 all over your face, neck and dec. But don’t forget the shoulders, arms, and hands too. 


Sweaty? Hot? Red-faced? Wobbly-legged? Now’s the time to calm everything down. (And probably grab an iced latte.)

Rinse off: Hop in the shower as soon as possible and opt for a cold or tepid water one if you can. This will get your core temp down and help you avoid folliculitis (which comes from hanging around in sweaty activewear too long) and body breakouts (which can sometimes be triggered by the bacteria and dirt found in workout gear). 

Cleanse, stat: While rinsing off, remove SPF, dirt, grime, and sweat with a gentle cleanser to help stave off breakouts. Don’t forget to give your chest, back, and neck (especially near the hairline) a thorough cleanse too. 

Mist, mist, mist: Your skin can get seriously dehydrated while exercising, which is where a mist can come in handy; not only is it going to calm and cool the skin but it will also boost hydration levels quickly.

Lock it in: Opt for a soothing and nourishing moisturiser (something riddled with antioxidants), that will calm that hot little face of yours right down while replenishing skin and locking in hydration.

Banish redness: If you’re really prone to redness, pick up a green-hued primer (Stila and Make Up For Ever both have reliable versions) to help manage and neutralise the colour. 

Thanks to the gurus at Go-To Skincare, now you can continue to KIC it with confidence! 

Go-To Skincare