June 30, 2023

What is Power Pilates?

Power Pilates combines strength and traditional pilates into one epic workout!  Lead by our SPICY Master Trainer Leo, here’s a little more detail about what you can expect from Leo’s newest workout style.

What is the difference between regular Pilates and Power Pilates?

Power Pilates is similar to regular Pilates but think longer holds, more controlled movements and variations to our traditional pilates exercises. If you’re ready to take your Pilates flows to the next level then this is definitely the class for you! 

What types of movements can we expect in a Power Pilates class with you? Where am I going to feel the burn? Which parts of the body will I be working?

Expect to feel the Pilates shakes all over throughout these workouts! Each session has a slightly different focus which means you can expect to work and strengthen all different areas of your body with me.

Whether it be a leg and glute focused session, a full body session or a session targeting your upper body, I’m so excited to see everyone smashing out these new workouts, and really feeling the burn!

Is Power Pilates a low impact workout style? If not, what modifications can I make?

Power Pilates is TOTALLY low impact! We leave the squat jumps and burpees to our Bootcamp Masterclasses.

Of course we are all unique and so some exercises you may find more or less challenging than others. However regardless of where you’re at, I give modifications for everything!

Do I need any equipment? If so, what are your at-home equipment alternatives?

You will need a little bit of equipment for my classes which includes:

  • A light pair of dumbbells; and
  • Some sliders.

However, my exercises can be done without any dumbbells or simply grab a couple of wine or water bottles, they’ll do the trick if you wanted to use something! I also hear a kitchen towel or some socks along a smooth floor work just as well as sliders!

Which other workout styles best complement Power Pilates?

I would definitely recommend Power Pilates for anyone completing either of the KICRUN programs. As Power Pilates combines strength and Pilates into one epic workout, it’s the perfect workout to help you improve your running.

Power Pilates is also great for anyone who is looking to take things up a notch with their current Pilates routine.

Why is the KIC community going to love your Power Pilates classes?

The KIC community is going to love my Power Pilates classes as they’re new, different and of course SPICY. I think everyone will love the fact that although the workouts are challenging they’re also a really fun workout. I had so many laugh out loud moments recording these workouts, enjoy!

Leo Forchin