November 29, 2021

Steph’s go-to bump friendly Masterclasses!

There is so much fear around what you can’t do, but at KIC, we’re all about celebrating the amazing things the female body CAN do! Working out during pregnancy is all about listening to your body. 

In this week’s KICBUMP KICPOD episode, our women’s health expert & physio, Ash Mason talks about how the KICBUMP prenatal program is designed to help you learn the modifications you should make when exercising during pregnancy. 

During Steph’s pregnancy she continued to safely exercise, completing both the KICBUMP pre-natal pilates program and regular KIC workouts. With clearance from Ash, who is also her personal physio, Steph continued to KIC it by listening to her body and making the modifications required for her growing bump! 

So, once you have the approval of your health professional, you too can use this knowledge to complete a variety of KIC workouts. You’re not just limited to our KICBUMP exercises! 

We asked Steph what her go-to Masterclasses were to maintain her strength during her pregnancy and here’s what she had to say…


This KICSTART Masterclass with Danny is a great full body workout – you only need a set of dumbbells (or 2 tin cans). The workout doesn’t involve any jumping or complicated combinations and you can take this workout at your pace as you’re simply completing the exercise to time.


This is another KICFIT Masterclass with Danny I loved to follow during my pregnancy. The workout takes you through a range of upper body exercises and helped to build and maintain strength in my arms, chest and shoulders. It was the perfect preparation to help her hold Harvey for hours on end!


This low impact KICSTART boxing masterclass with Ellice will certainly get your heart rate going! It’s an equipment free workout designed to help you master your punches. The last 2 minutes do involve some ab exercises however I simply swapped this out for some squats or finished the workout a little early.

Steph Claire Smith