November 24, 2021

Six new sweat sessions to get on your radar

Get excited because we have some incredible new HIIT workouts which have just launched in the KIC app! These workouts from our Master Trainer Brooke are guaranteed to get get your heart rate up and your water bottle emptied.

We know that you’ll feel seriously accomplished and revel in your post-workout glow after taking on one of these workouts.

For anyone new to HIIT style workouts or for anyone feeling a little intimated by the thought of high intensity movements, we want to remind you that you can do it! In each workout, Brooke provides beginner suggestions and is always encouraging you to take the workout at your own pace. If you need a little extra rest between rounds, you can always extend your rest time by simply pausing the workout (this will help you to take on the next round feeling more ready and rested).

Alongside this, you can always modify the exercises within the workout to suit your fitness level and ability better! Changing some of the exercises to be lower impact will mean that your workout will be gentler on both your heart rate and your body. For example, feel free to swap any of the jumping movements for their equivalent static movement (e.g. swapping jump squats to body weight squats).

Making these simple changes will help to make your workout more enjoyable and feel much less out of reach. You might even find yourself thinking that perhaps you don’t despise high intensity workouts as much as you thought. We also love that you’ll then have the goal of working towards completing the workout exercise for exercise. You’ve got this!

Here’s a cheeky snippet of what you can expect from our brand new HIIT workouts!

HIIT the Ground Running

Brooke guides you through a 20 minute equipment free cardio session. 4 rounds, 45 seconds on 15 rest. Smash out a series of butt kicks, frog squats, burpees, lateral lunges, skaters, squat jumps, side shuffles and more. On your marks, get set, sweat!

Cheeky Glutes

 20 minutes of lower body domination. 2 rounds each with 8 HIIT exercises. 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off. PLUS a cheeky glute challenge to finish.

Fab Abs

Full body HIIT session with a focus on your core. 2 x rounds with 4 exercises. Get ready for high knees, sprawls, crunches, squats and more to really feel that burn!

Ready, set, sweat!

Brace yourself for a full body HIIT blitz. 3 rounds targeting 3 different muscle groups. Round 1: lower body, round 2: upper body, round 3: core. Ready, set, sweat!

Serious Core Burner

Get ready for a SERIOUS core burner. 9 exercises, 45 seconds on, 15 seconds rest. Brooke will guide you through a series of plank variations, leg lowers and mountain climbers. No equipment needed, just BYO smile!

Aim High

The sky’s the limit in this full body HIIT session. 40 seconds on, 20 second rest. High knees, push ups, mountain climbers, dead bugs, Bulgarian split squats, tricep dips & more! If you don’t have a box, don’t sweat! Brooke will guide you through some equipment free modifications.

You’ll find all of the above workouts in your KIC app today! Ready, set, let’s sweat!