February 22, 2023

‘KIC helped pull me out of the depths of my postpartum depression’

Sarah is a long time lover of KIC, but it wasn’t until the arrival of her first child, Evie, that KIC became more than just a health and fitness app for Sarah, it became her lifeline.

Becoming a first time mother wasn’t smooth sailing for Sarah- even though she loved her daughter more than anything, like many new mums Sarah found the  postpartum period more challenging than she could have ever imagined.

She battled postpartum depression and anxiety after giving birth and found herself in a very dark place. She was overwhelmed with guilt, especially when she found things difficult, leaving her feeling like she wasn’t good enough. Sarah struggled to navigate this new chapter of her life, found herself lost and felt undeserving of self-love.

However, with the help of KIC’s post natal program and series of postpartum meditations, Sarah was able pull herself from one of her darkest places and find herself again.

KIC is now an indispensable part of Sarah’s life. Here’s what a day in Sarah life looks like with KIC…

I begin my day with a 6am KIC workout before Evie (who is now 17 months) wakes up!

I love giving myself this time just for me before my day begins. I often find it’s the only time I actually have to fit it in as a mum.

I’ll usually pick a 20 minute Barre workout or do 2 x 10 minute KIC Mini workouts – it all depends on how long I have until Evie wakes up. Once she’s up, it’s cuddle time whilst I drink my morning coffee.

Brekkie for Evie will be the KIC Boss Banana Bread, which I batch bake on a Sunday into muffin cases. She absolutely LOVES them. The fact that they are healthy and super quick to make is a huge bonus for me! The girls on my team also love when I bring leftovers into the office.

If it’s a day off from work we’ll head out for a morning walk, otherwise we get ready for work and day care and hop into the car for a round of either the wiggles or the latest KICPOD episode.

On our days off I will sneak in a workout whilst Evie takes her daytime nap or she will be my cheerleader laughing in her pram whilst I follow one of Laura’s guided runs from one of the KICRUN programs.

I love how I can adapt my choice of workout depending how tired I am and how my body is feeling.

I work full time as a spa manager alongside being mumma to Evie and on the days I’m super busy or find myself feeling overwhelmed with mum guilt for being away from her, I listen to one of Meg’s meditations on my lunch break.

After I clock off from work, I’ll pick up Evie from day care (seeing her face is the highlight of my day!) and we will go home for dinner and sit down as a family once my partner also gets home from work.

As a family we love so many of the KIC recipes. The Veggie Chilli Con Carne, One Pot Vegan Creamy Pasta and the Moroccan Chicken are just some of our family favourites.

After some family time together we will start Evie’s bedtime routine and get her off to bed then my partner and I relax with a cup of tea, Netflix and a KIC Blondie (that’s if Evie hasn’t eaten them all).

It’s then bedtime for me. I like to get to bed pretty early these days so by about 9pm I’m in bed and unwinding with a book.

Before I sleep, I always listen to one of the KIC meditations. I haven’t missed a single night for around 8 months now – I began them the first day I saw my GP for help with my postnatal anxiety and depression.

My mind is so in tune with them now that the moment I hit play, I instantly relax, let my daily stresses slip away and know that it’s my time to focus on myself.

More recently, I have also started completing Jaimie’s Night Time Wind Down Yoga (this is a KIC Mini workout) before bed. It’s perfect if I’m feeling that my body is still wired from the day.

I can honestly say that KIC has saved my life. When I was in the depths of my postpartum depression, I felt a lot of guilt around how hard I was finding this new part of my life as a new mum. I felt that finding things difficult made me a bad mum and I was in a very dark place.

KIC however, has taught me that looking after myself (both mentally and physically) actually makes me a very good mum and that I am still important. I have been able to become myself again and to be the best version of me for my daughter. I now prioritise looking after me and know that I deserve these acts of self-love.

I am more confident in myself and as a mum. I am able to be present in each moment, whether that’s with my daughter, my partner, with my friends or at my job.

I have the ability to give myself the love and compassion that I wish I had been able to during that challenging postpartum period – I wish I could go back and hug fresh mama Sarah and tell her how far she will come!

I also feel physically much stronger, I have more energy and enjoy meal prepping for my family for the week!

I love that KIC fits around me and my lifestyle with workouts I can do at anytime no matter how much time I’ve got.

So, if you are a new mum who’s finding it hard, who feels like she has lost herself and doesn’t know where to start, please download the KIC app and listen to their postnatal meditations and follow the amazing guidance in KIC’s postnatal Pilates program (after seeking medical clearance of course).

Please know that you can and will feel yourself again. Looking after you is the first step – KIC provides you with all the tools you need at an incredible price.

You can join Sarah and hundreds of other mothers becoming the best versions of themselves today.

Trial the KIC app for 7 days free of charge.