March 08, 2023

How to incorporate mindfulness practices into your daily life

Feeling like your mind is all over the place? A bit anxious or stressed? Like you’re struggling to block out the noise and stay focused? Well Christina, our expert Master Trainer, is here to lend a helping hand, and says that the mind & body connection is great way to incorporate more mindful practices into your everyday.

Here’s Christina!

Focusing on the mind and body connection is an incredibly powerful tool in helping to prevent mental clutter and maintain a clear headspace. It also helps you to set positive intentions and create greater purpose in your life. Hence why I’m so excited about this brand new workout type!

We’ve recently dropped 10 new Mind & Body Pilates Masterclasses into the KIC app. I begin each Masterclass with you by setting an intention or powerful affirmation to help you connect with your mind and move with your purpose. These Masterclasses combine the Pilates movements you know and love, and while they will strengthen your body and improve your mobility, I’ll also teach you how to let go of expectations, believe in yourself, focus on the present, practice gratitude and so much more.

Here are my favourite Mind & Body Masterclasses to get you feeling empowered and present on the mat!

Holistic foundational flow

Mental wellbeing is directly linked to our physical wellbeing, so when we work on being strong in our bodies, our mind benefits just as much as our muscles. In this workout you can expect a flow with challenging movements including roll backs, teasers, and swan dives. I’ll be with you every step of the way so you can try your best to give it all a go! There’s no such thing as perfect here.

Gratitude for your body

In this workout we’ll start with an intention – “I will focus only on what I can control, and release the rest”. We’ll move through knee hovers, leg extensions, roll ups and back extensions, and focus on this time being about YOU. Try to focus on “I get to”, rather than, “I have to”. In this workout we’ll let your energy flow to a place that allows you to grow.

Release expectation and flow

In this workout Steph and I will encourage you to let go of any expectation of how ‘hard’ you’re going to work. It’s not always about going hard and fast. Enjoy the full body movement, focus on the execution of bird dogs, squats, planks and luges. We’ll let the movement GIVE you energy.

I’m so excited to see you strengthen your mind and body connection while you join me on this journey to self-care. I’ll see you on the mat!

Christina Traychevska