March 25, 2024

Episode #314: Either we’re having sex…or we’re roommates. We want the in-between stuff!

Can a kiss ever just be a kiss…or does it always have to lead to sex? Laura was scrolling Instagram where she saw this clip with Psychosexologist Karen Gurney and Diary of a CEO host Steven Barlett discussing the idea of “sexual currency” aka everything you do with your partner *except* sex. Steph and Laura share how this plays out in their own relationships…and why Laura has to have her wits about her when she’s naked and she knows Dalton is home.

Plus Steph shares a story of a recent encounter with a brown snake at the Murray River and we hear about the one and only time Laura went kneeboarding on the river.

If these stories didn’t scare you off the Aussie wildlife, check out Josh Neille on Instagram.

Listen to the full episode of Diary Of A CEO with Karen Gurney here


  • Steph: The Hypnotist’s Love Story – Liane Moriarty 
  • Laura: Everyone and Everything – Nadine J. Cohen


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