March 13, 2023

Episode #214: Steph’s awkward encounter!

WOW is all we can say. In Steph & Laura’s catch up today, we learn that Steph was recognised during one of the most awkward encounters you could possibly have! And it turns out Laura has had a similar experience herself.

Also in today’s episode, we discuss the most beautiful TikTok we’ve ever seen about body positivity which you can view here, plus we respond to a D&M about someone who doesn’t have the same views as her partner about health.


Laura – A reminder to get your yearly health check

Steph – ‘Gratitude for your body’; Mind & Body Pilates class in the KIC app


Last week we dropped a new workout type – Mind & Body Pilates, led by our expert trainer Christina. These classes are a great way to incorporate mindfulness and movement into your everyday. There’s 10 new Mind & Body Pilates Masterclasses available in the KIC app now.