August 24, 2022

Episode #163: “90% is mental, and the other 10% is all in our heads”. Goal setting with Samantha Gash

We thought Laura loved running… until we heard what Samantha Gash has taken part in! The endurance athlete and Survivor star was the first woman in the world and youngest person at the time to complete the Four Desert Grandslam – a series of 4 x 250km ultramarathons across 1 year in the world’s toughest climate deserts. She has also run 379km across Australia’s Simpson Desert, amongst many other incredibly challenging ultramarathons  – so it’s no wonder Sam was once the subject of a documentary called Desert Runners.

She is about to take part in another enormous feat, running 1600km from the West to the East of Nepal.

In today’s KICPOD episode, Steph & Laura find out how any of this is even humanly possible, and what kind of mindset you need to have to achieve such an incredibly massive goal. If you’re looking for motivation and want to get better at goal setting, this is the ep to listen to!

Samantha Gash

Steph – Hairspray Musical
Laura – About Time, Netflix film

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