April 06, 2022

Episode #142: Why Do We Feel Guilty All the Time and is it a Bad Thing!?

In this week’s episode of the KICPOD Steph and Laura discuss guilt – the emotional reaction we all experience where we feel responsible or regretful for what has or hasn’t happened.

Steph and Laura open up about when, where and how they have felt guilt. They reflect on their personal experiences which have triggered guilt and discuss how they have worked through the feelings of falling short when feeling guilty.

Steph and Laura’s vulnerable conversation highlights the prevalence of guilt within our modern lives and encourages you to work through your guilt. We hope this episode motivates you to reduce the burden you allow yourself to feel whenever you experience guilt.

Steph – A shoutout to Laura for being a finalist in the the Women Leading Tech Awards, Executive Leader Category
Laura – The Imperfects Podcast Episode with Johann Hari – Why You Can’t Pay Attention