November 23, 2021

Episode #120: Let’s talk about modern sex, baby! Confidence in the bedroom & post-lockdown love

This week we’re talking all things modern sex, pleasure, relationships and sex toys with the wonderful Lucy Wark and Georgia Grace. Together Lucy and Georgia are on a mission to give people the confidence and tools to feel comfortable, shame-free and empowered when it comes to all things sex!

In this chat they share insights into how covid-19 impacted sex, dating and relationships and they offer some incredible tips on how to improve sexual communication. They also bust some of the most common sex toy myths and share the importance of having the right tools and materials to help you understand sex and enjoy it.


Georgia Grace

Lucy Wark

Modern Guide to Sex (video education course) 

Georgia & Lucy’s podcast, ReScript by NORMAL



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Laura: KIC Meditation ‘Anxiety Relief’



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