February 21, 2024

DITL at our STAX. event!

Over the weekend, we had our ‘I Am Enough’ workout and wellness event with STAX.! It was an all day extravaganza at Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion alongside, Steph, Laura, the STAX. team and our incredible community!

It was such a special day which we won’t forget anytime soon! To get the low-down on how the day went, we checked in with Kic’s content creator, Alice (AKA our fave TikTok Queen!). Alice gave us a run down of all the action.


It was a bright and early start for our Saturday morning, but I was so excited for the day I didn’t even realise how early it was! I was just lucky that I flew up to Sydney from Melbourne the night before so I didn’t have to get up any earlier than this. But, it was time to get and up and get dressed for the event, then we left the hotel at 5:45am.


We arrived at Hordern Pavilion and began helping set up the event. From building the media wall frame, working out the layout and rolling out the mats, there was plenty to do! We had a piece of string to measure the distance between each mat so that it looked perfect!


Time for some brekkie! It was the perfect morning for and egg and bacon roll whilst we finalised the content plan for the day now that we had seen the event space. I started to film some B roll content whilst we set up too.


We finished setting up the media wall and Kic’s pink dumbbell racks. Side note, Cam spent so much time painting these the perfect shade of pink – how great do they look! #dedication


Steph and Laura arrived and we filmed their first reactions to the space! They got a site run through with STAX. co-founder Don, and I was tagging along to capture it all! I got to see some raw and special emotions when they were taking in just how many people were coming along to the event. It was so cool to see Steph and Laura truly appreciating all the amazing work they’ve done to get to where they are.


I started working on some Instagram stories for the event to build some hype for the day. I took a moment to sit at the back of the event to look out and appreciate what we were about to do, how cool my job is and the amount of lives we impact.

Pre-event coffee.


The community arrived and we chatted to them while they were filling the up the mats. Everyone is SO kind and the energy was buzzing!


Workout time! I was doing laps of the space trying to capture the best angles for content – back of the room, front of stage, on the stage, behind the scenes, you name it, I got it!


Chatted to the community about how their workout was as I was walking them out and it was a resounding ‘it was hard but I loved it’ (We love a pilates burn with Kika!)

Feeling the burn with Kika’s pilates!


Delivered lunch to Kika (our Pilates trainer) as well as Steph and Laura who were prepping for the next phase of the event.


Roamed out the front and did some interviews with the community who were all so sweet and had the best answers to my questions. Have I mentioned enough how much I love the Kic community?!


Back inside for phase 2 (the workshop and journaling session). Again, I was roaming around capturing clips of Steph and Laura speaking, and the audience’s reactions. We entered a very special phase of the day where the community were asked to create an affirmation by flipping a limiting belief they have created about themselves. This was the most special time where some brave community members shared their personal affirmations. Let me just say it was hard to hold the camera still as I was crying listening to the beautiful responses. The work we do at Kic is so special and it’s really amazing to continuously see the incredible impact we have on peoples lives.


Eat lunch (delicious rice, chicken salad bowl) and listened to the rest of the chat.


I went back stage to film the chat between Steph, Laura, Don and Matilda who were prepping for the next session!


Phase 3 began which was a Q&A w/ Steph, Laura, Don and Matilda. I perched myself in a prime position and snapped some of the responses to community questions. I also spent some time selecting the best content from the day and creating little clips to post to @kic.app IG stories.


Q&A finished and the meet and greet began! This was one of my favourite parts of the day! I worked my way down the line talking to the community and chatting about their favourite parts of the day, which is their favourite #kictok and of course what they’re wearing to Taylor Swift’s Era’s tour. I love girlhood!


Meet and greet finished, we packed up our stuff and headed straight to the airport, I was editing mini videos and airdropping the best content from the day to Steph and Laura so we all could post ASAP. (The grind never stops 😉 )


Had a burger and chips for dinner at the airport while finalising the story posts for the day


Boarded flight and head home to Melbourne! Managed to do the Wordle in 3, Globle Game in 10 and was unsuccessful in Connections. (Those in the office know that these three are my daily obsessions right now!). I listened to the Era’s tour set list for the rest of the flight which got me so hyped for the next night!


Landed back in Melbourne and collected my bags, and said goodbye to Steph and Laura. Then Cam being the legend he is, drove me home (we may or may not of lost our car in the car park for a little bit – that’s a story for another time!)


Arrived home, then slept like a baby!

There you have it, the run down of what was an incredibly busy but AMAZING day with the community in Sydney! If you’re wanting more, check out Kic on TikTok to see all the action for yourself!