October 22, 2021

Get Ready to Dig into 10 New Pasta Recipes!

This Monday is World Pasta Day and what better way to celebrate than by dropping 10 mouth-watering pasta recipes in app. Keep your eyes peeled and your taste buds ready to dig into these delicious, dietitian approved recipes. So, what’s on the menu? 

Cauliflower Bolognese:  This wholesome, hearty bolognese is packed full of veggies. The irresistible flavours of this vegan dish will have you smiling with every bite – with plenty for leftovers too! 

KIC’Tok Feta Pasta: TikTok pasta, but make it KIC! There’s a reason this recipe went viral. It’s incredibly easy to whip up and deliciously creamy thanks to the tasty Greek feta. Dig in and don’t forget to share your KIC kitchen creations and tag @keepitcleaner! 

Salmon, Dill & Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta: Light, zesty and full of flavour! Perfect for a mid-week dinner or when you’re looking to impress in less than 30 minutes. This recipe is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, high in Vitamin B and a great source of protein. 

Pasta Salad: A delicious recipe to keep up your sleeve for BBQs, Picnics and week-day meal prep! Perfect to enjoy immediately or  straight out of the fridge.  

Vegan Vodka Pasta: If you haven’t tried vodka pasta yet, you need to get this recipe on your radar! Rather than adding its own flavour, the vodka helps to enhance the creamy, tomato flavours for an extra KIC’ of flavour.  Pair this pasta with our fresh Italian Salad recipe. 

Cheeseburger Pasta: Yes, you read that correctly. Your taste buds are in for an absolute treat with this recipe. Our cheeseburger sausage rolls are such a hit we just had to create a pasta with the same delicious cheeseburger flavours! 

Pasta Primavera: Such a simple dish packed full of fresh veggies! The versatility is endless, it’s our go-to mid-week meal to use up the veggies in the fridge. 

Spicy Sausage Pasta: Mouth-watering Italian aromas and the perfect amount of spice, this pasta recipe is soon to be a weekly staple! 

Mushroom Ragu: Earthy, delicious mushrooms wrapped in a subtly creamy sauce. It’s a yes from us! 

Classic Carbonara: The key to nailing carbonara is to remove the pan from the heat before adding the egg and cheese mixture, otherwise you’ll end up with scrambled eggs! The heat from the pasta and pan itself will create that lovely creamy and glossy sauce!