October 22, 2020

Bring Out The Fighter Within

The best thing about boxing is that after the first punch, the second one’s already on its way! The mindset of a boxer is to become better in every aspect of what it would take to bring out the fighter within & no matter who you are or where you’re from, everybody has a fighter within. We achieve this by having clear goals to fuel motivation.

Goal Setting provides us with a clear focus on where we place our energy, aligning our time & focus into the direction of our selected Mindset, Nutrition & Training Goals. In order to decide what our goals are, it’s important we set time to reflect on our current accomplishments at the present time, envisioning what exactly we wish to achieve & why!

The key to achieving goals is to ensure they are clear, precise, relevant and also that they make sense to you. Try talking yourself through why these goals are important to you, creating a road map on how you wish to achieve them eliminating any unnecessary ones. Keep your goals personal as it creates a strong motivation to achieve them.

Goals need to be fun, they need to excite you! When you are in a quiet space, think about the things that get your blood pumping! How would you love to feel, what would make you feel healthy and happy? Try one short term goal each for Mindset, Training & Nutrition. Make the goals selective, measurable, attainable & set a time to achieve them by. Also do the same for long term goals, of which once you complete the first set of short term, tick them off and continue the journey reassessing the short until you reach your long!

1. Mindset Goal (How you wish to build your mentality towards life):

e.g: “I want to wake up feeling positive”

  • ShortTerm:
  • Long Term:

2. Fitness Goal (“I'd like to do 4 x KIC sessions every week!”):

  • Short Term:
  • Long Term:

3. Nutrition Goal (How you wish to feel as a result of your Nutrition):

Eg: “I want to plan my meals & enjoy them at work!”

  • Short Term:
  • Long Term:

'Remember this is your journey & no one else's'

  • Keep your goals simple & relevant
  • Always challenge yourself in what you wish to achieve
  • Make sure your goals excite you!
  • Ensure you remain positive throughout the journey, as no matter what you are amazing just the way you are
  • Envision achieving your goals & continue to grow
  • Continue to assess your goals as often perceptions can change what matters to you
  • Don’t be scared of failing or resisting change as often we take a side step to move forward. Personal Growth is important.
  • Keep KIC-ing those goals squad! I’ll see you in the ring.

Ellice Whichello