September 21, 2022

Why Steph LOVES Carbs! (PLUS her fave carb loaded recipes)

Carbs or carbohydrates are one of the three fundamental macro nutrients (alongside protein and fats) which make up a balanced diet.

Carbs are ESSENTIAL for our bodies to function, move and thrive as they are our body’s main source of energy. A diet without carbs will often leave us feeling tired and will actually prevent us from performing well in our workouts.

This is the key reason why I LOVE my carbs. Not only are they delicious but they help to ensure that I can tackle my days without being low on energy.

When it comes to understanding what foods carbs are found in, there are actually 2 categories which we can split carbs into. They are simple carbs and complex carbs.

In other words, the main difference between these categories of carbs is the rate at which they can be broken down by our body. Simple = fast and complex = slow.

So, when I’m needing a quick boost of energy I will opt for simple carbs like the KIC Choc Coated Rice Cakes, a handful of sultanas or even some lollies!

On the other hand if I’m looking for something to give me a slower release of energy to help me power through my day I’ll opt for something incorporating oats like KIC’s banana pancakes or if I’m on the hunt for something savoury I’m currently obsessed with our One Pot Lasagna.

Whether you’re consuming simple or complex carbs, the main thing to focus on is consuming the carbs to give yourself the energy you need to feel good and perform at your best.

Carbs are found in so many different foods including pasta, bread, rice, vegetables, fruit, beans and more! So I don’t think you’ll struggle to find a meal you love to help you carb up!

I want to remind you that carbs are not to be feared, they are FUNDAMENTAL to help us THRIVE.

Here are some of my favourite KIC recipes that I love cooking to help me carb up:


    • One Pan Lasagna
    • Sushi Tray Bake
    • One Pot Moroccan Chicken
    • Fried Rice
    • Gnocchi with Marinara Sauce


    • Brookies
    • No Bake PB & Choc Slice
    • Choc Chip Banana Bread
    • Chunky Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter Cookies
    • Childhood Choc Crackles
Fried Rice
Sushi Tray Bake
One Pot Lasagna
One Pot Moroccan Chicken
Choc Chip Banana Bread
No Bake PB & Choc Slice

You’ll find all these recipes and more in the KIC app.

Steph Claire Smith