September 15, 2021

7 Steps to a better night’s sleep with Australia’s #1 Sleep expert!

Hey there KIC community!

Lovely to be back here. If you haven’t heard of me, I’m Olivia, Australia’s leading sleep expert. I joined Steph and Laura on the KIC POD in June to share my top tips on how to get a better night’s sleep. If you missed the episode you can tune in here!

In celebration of Self-Care Sleeptember we thought it would be helpful to share my signature bedtime routine again here in the KIC Blog. It’s my go-to strategy for those looking to sleep deeper or find themselves unrefreshed in the morning.

Yep. It’s a game changer. 100% of my private clients have seen improvements in their sleep after using it within 7 days. Each step is backed by science. So in a nutshell – it works.

Follow my signature bedtime routine to achieve better night’s sleep…

1. Block out blue light

An academic paper in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism found regular room light can suppress melatonin by 71%. Less melatonin = you find it harder to fall and stay asleep. Block it out for at least 2 hours before bed by wearing blue light blocking glasses.

2. Use lavender

A clinical trial by Medical University of Vienna found lavender capsules improved sleep quality by 45%, and reduced anxiety by 59%.

3. Goodnight phone alarm

60 minutes before bed, have a pre-set alarm labelled “SLEEP BETTER” go off. At this point, it’s your signal to disconnect from all tech. Those who use a phone in last hour before bed are 48% more likely to take longer than an hour to fall asleep.

4. Have a shower

The drop in core body temperature as you emerge from a steamy shower into a cooler bathroom is a cue for melatonin synthesis.

5. Have a magnesium based sleep supplement

A clinical trial in academic journal “nutrients”  found magnesium could reduce anxiety by 31%.

6. Meditate or read

A recent trial by Stanford University Medical Center found those meditating were able to fall asleep 18 minutes faster – from 39 minutes to 21 minutes.

7. Use an eye mask

Protecting you from sleep sabotaging blue light while you sleep.

My biggest tip for the routine?

It’s not about doing ONE thing, it’s about doing ALL of them, consistently, for at leat 7 days to see best results. If it’s overwhelming to start them all at once, start with the easiest one first, and gradually build yourself up to incorporating the others.

Know that the best results – e.g. you sleeping deeply night after night and waking up feeling fresh – are achieved when you have the support you need. If you’re struggling or can’t seem to get the sleep you need despite implementing the routine please reach out to me via instagram. You can find me @oliviaarezzolo, I’d love to help you more.

Olivia Arezzolo