March 23, 2022

Steph’s Food Hacks

Within the last few months I’ve made my return to work, and as a new mum this has been both challenging and exciting. I was anxious about being away from Harvey but eager and ready to get stuck back in to all things KIC!

Returning to work has actually made me become so much more organised when it comes to planning my meals for the week – because it’s important to me that I’m fuelling my body with all the right stuff.

While I’m finding my new routine around my weekly meals and food habits, I’ve developed a few little hacks which are helping me to stay more organised, prolong the freshness of my fruits and veggies and save time when it comes to cooking dinner.

I’ve loved how much these little hacks have helped me and so I want to share them with you too! Hopefully you might also find yourself a little more organised, less likely to have food waste and a little speedier in getting dinner on the table.

HACK #1: Wash and pre-chop leafy greens.

Whether I’ve bought a bunch of kale or a head of lettuce I find I save SO much time when I’ve already got it all washed and chopped up ready to go in the fridge. This also means I’m not tempted to purchase those ready to go in plastic greens from the supermarket. An extra tip, make sure you remove as much moisture as possible before storing back in your fridge.

HACK #2: Plan meals for the week with cross over ingredients

Whenever I’m planning my meals for the week especially dinners, I try to choose recipes which use common ingredients, as doing this means less waste! For example, both the One Pan Chicken Fajita and the Almond Butter Noodle Stir Fry from the KIC app require sliced capsicum, so when I’m preparing the first dish, I’ll wash, peel and chop all the capsicum so that then they’re ready to go for when I need them later again in the week.

HACK #3: Store mushrooms in a paper bag

You know how there’s specific paper bags at the supermarket for mushies? There’s actually a reason for this! It’s the sure fire way to keep them fresher for longer.

HACK #4: Removing the green tops from your carrots

Another cheeky hack I’ve learnt is to remove the green tops from my carrots! I can usually get 2-3 weeks out of my carrots when I take the time to do this.

HACK #5: Making use of your blender

Although I do enjoy the textures of finely diced veggies in my sauces, I often don’t have the time to sit and finely dice them. So, instead I’ll throw all the veggies into my NutriBullet with the canned tomatoes and blend my sauce! This works especially well for a bolognese sauce when I want to load it with veggies but don’t have the time to chop them all up.

HACK #6: Fruit - half in the fridge, half at room temperature

The fridge slows down the ripening process of many fruits and so in order to make sure I have beautifully sweet fruit from the start all the way to the end of my week, I’ll put half of it in the fridge, and leave half of it out at room temperature. This means that I can always enjoy fruit at the perfect ripeness. It reduces the risk of having to consume over ripe or under ripe piece of fruit. Ultimately, this is kind of the best trick to have that goldilocks experience with your fruit.

I hope these little hacks help you to make the most out of your weekly fresh produce shops and help to speed up meal preparation times.

Steph Claire Smith