March 29, 2023

So, what is Sexual Wellness?

Defining sexual wellness isn’t that easy! That’s why we’ve sat down to chat with Rachel Baker, founder of LBDO and the mastermind behind its beautiful, sexual wellness products that will elevate your bedroom essentials.

LBDO’s mission is to break down taboos & stigmas around sex and pleasure by normalising the surrounding conversation, and we couldn’t be more excited to hear from Rachel.

Though far from settled, the notions of physical and mental wellness are well ingrained in the popular consciousness. But in the past decade or so, a new player has entered the game. Introducing, sexual wellness – we’re so happy to meet you.

So, what is sexual wellness?

Defining sexual wellness isn’t as simple as punching it into Google. It’s a pretty loosely defined term. And it varies on an individual basis, because we all have different relationships with sex and sexuality. But don’t worry, the concept of sexual wellness is not totally unpindownable.

Experts say sexual wellness encompasses not just the basics of sexual health (things like fertility management, contraception and STI prevention), but the more complex matters of sexual justice (concerning sexual rights and sex positive practice), sexual wellbeing (relating to safety, respect, empowerment, body confidence, and comfort with sexuality), and sexual pleasure.

In short, sexual wellness refers to your overall sexual health and wellbeing. Rather than talking about or having sex, it’s more about understanding how sex and sexuality fit into your overall happiness and sense of self. It’s giving yourself permission to feel pleasure, feeding your erotic intellect, and getting in touch with your body’s unique wants and needs.

Basically, sexual wellness is finding, feeling and nurturing the ‘spark’ within you – whatever form that may take. At the end of the day, the only person who can answer the question of ‘what is sexual wellness?’ is you.


How does sexual wellness affect our overall wellbeing?

Sexual wellness does wonders for our overall sense of self and wellbeing. Taking care of your sexual health benefits both your physical and emotional wellbeing. Feeling comfortable in your body and sexuality can boost your confidence. And for people with sexual partners, understanding how to give and receive pleasure can build intimacy, improve communication, and increase satisfaction in relationships. But the impact of sexual wellness doesn’t stop there.

Sexual wellbeing has actually been shown to have greater life satisfaction. This was particularly evident in women and older people, where higher sexual wellbeing dramatically increased their overall happiness.


How can we prioritise our sexual wellness?

Ok, you get the message, sexual wellness is important. But what can you do day to day to improve your sexual wellness? Here are a few straightforward strategies to get started.


Study up!

Sex education is not just a television show. If, like many of us, you gleaned most of your sexual know-how from schoolyard banter or early episodes of skins, chances are there are a few gaps in your knowledge. Don’t fret! There are plenty of free and reliable resources out there to get you up to speed on anatomy, pleasure, sexology, and anything else that takes your fancy. As we all know, nothing is more empowering than an education.


Get talking.

Communication: we can’t stop talking about it! In the bedroom, setting boundaries and conveying your desires is key to maintaining healthy and satisfying sexual partnerships. But beyond that, communicating for sexual wellness includes chatting respectfully on dating apps, opening up to loved ones, asking for advice when you need it, and standing up for inclusiveness and sex positivity.


Take care of yourself!

Self-care is not all spa days and clay masks – it extends to sexual wellness. Don’t forget to make time for sexual self-care. Maybe masturbation is your thing, and something as simple as lighting a candle or changing into fresh sheets beforehand makes you feel nurtured. Or, maybe masturbation doesn’t figure into it, and instead you spend time journaling, or reading or watching something that excites you. Whatever it is, find your version of sexual self-care, and keep at it.



Ever come across something that made you feel a certain way but didn’t have the guts to follow through? From online communities to local events, nowadays there are so many ways to explore your sexuality in safety and comfort. What’s more, there is a growing sexual wellness industry that is increasingly inclusive, aware and invested in helping you find what works for you.


Level up

If you’re keen to examine your sexual wellness through a wide lens, licensed therapists are a valuable resource of specific, evidence-based strategies to enhance sexual wellbeing. And as always, consult a doctor if you have any questions, issues or concerns regarding sexual health.

These are just a few suggestions for bettering your sexual wellness. But much more important than following a sexual script to the letter is figuring out what lights your fire, and sticking with it. Improving your sexual wellness is the pathway to a happier, more fulfilled life – and we think you deserve that.


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