August 03, 2022

How Steph is building healthy habits with KIC Minis

Mum life – it’s not easy, but boy is it incredibly rewarding. Among many things, Harvey has taught me patience and the importance of priorities.

For me, to be the best mumma I can be, making time for movement each week is a non-negotiable.

Before Harvey, finding time to look after my body through movement was a whole lot easier. If I wanted to get a workout in, I could. I could workout from home anytime, or head to the gym with zero consideration to anyone else’s schedule but my own. With Harvey I’m faced with two challenges; one, finding the time to fit in movement whilst balancing mum-life and work-life, and two, feeling guilty for either not making time for myself, or choosing to make time for myself but sacrificing time with him!

I’ve quickly come to learn that you can’t avoid the guilt but instead you can help to manage the guilt by trialing different routines to eventually find your healthy and sustainable balance between exercise and baby.

It was this guilt coupled with the struggle to find time to move that helped to inspire our latest drop of workouts: KIC Minis! We also spoke with our community and quickly discovered that the lack of time and motivation are the biggest barriers from preventing people from moving their bodies. So with this knowledge we have developed a series of mini 5 to 10 minute workouts that are here to work in with your day. The aim is simply to get you moving, we all have at least 5 minutes a day!

Here’s how as a working mum I’m planning to build healthier habits and keep up my exercise with the help of KIC minis:

  • The KIC minis are short and sweet workouts which allow me to move my body on the days I’m at home and looking after Harvey – regardless of whether he’s awake or asleep. I am so excited to have the minis at my fingertips and be able to complete them while Harvey’s busy with the wiggles or a snack – they’re so quick that I can fit them in without him getting upset with me – hehe!
  • Whenever I have the time to workout for longer I’m really looking forward using the KIC minis as finishers after another KIC workout! They’re going to push and challenge me more and help me to get fitter and stronger.
  • On the days that I work in the KIC office, the minis are going to be ideal for getting my body moving before Harvey wakes (although that rarely happens). There have been times in the past where I’ve started a longer KIC workout and haven’t been able to finish it because Harvey’s woken up – and while I still felt great for what I did get through, it always feels better actually completing a workout! If he’s still asleep after one mini, I can always start another! He’s usually an early riser and with a KIC Mini only going for 5 or 10 minutes, it also means I don’t need to wake up at a ridiculous hour to fit in some movement.
  • I used to workout 5-6 days a week prior to Harvey, and I could give myself 20-60min for movement, depending on if I was completing a masterclass or KICRUN session. These days as I’ve mentioned throughout this blog, I am more time poor and I don’t have as much flexibility. So I’ve been finding it hard to move more than 3 days a week most weeks – but now with the minis I can do even just a little bit of movement and give back to myself much more regularly if I want to. Everyone’s routine looks different, but I have been missing the frequency of my old routine! I am really excited for the minis to help me simulate my old routine and build up the habit of movement, short or long more frequently.

If you’re someone who struggles to fit in exercise, I hear you. That’s why I encourage you to take up our 14 day free trial, to try KIC for yourself and discover how easy it is to fit a mini into your day. Exercise, whether for 5 or 45 minutes is going to help you combat stress, sleep better, boost your energy and give you more confidence and strength to tackle the demands of your modern life.

Join me and thousands of others to move your body and feel good.

Steph Claire Smith