May 17, 2023

Episode #233: Steph confronts Toni Lodge

You may know the bloody hilarious and wonderful Toni Lodge from being one half of the hugely successful ‘Toni & Ryan’ podcast. She joins us on today’s episode of KICPOD to not only make us nearly wee our pants with laughter, but also to share some incredible wisdom and life lessons she has learnt.

We speak with Toni about why listening is sometimes better than fixing a problem, why honesty can get you so much further in life than people pleasing, and how to speak to someone who is grieving… but then we also speak to her about arguably just as important stuff like lasering your pubes, semen flavoured lipgloss and the extremely offensive Harry Potter sorting hat Toni gave Steph! And oh boy she wasn’t happy.

If you’d like more of Toni Lodge, check out her book ‘I Don’t Need Therapy‘, and of course her amazing podcast ‘Toni & Ryan‘ on Spotify.