March 15, 2023

Episode #215: A journey of tears & joy – KICBUMP with Brooke Hogan

* TRIGGER WARNING: This episode discusses miscarriage and graphic themes associated with infertility *

Thankfully for Brooke Hogan, her pregnancies dreams have now come true – expecting her first bub in July this year! But it was a rocky start for the former Australia’s Next Top Model star and good friend of Steph.

In this KICBUMP episode, Brooke shares her heart wrenching story of unexplained infertility for 2 years as she and her husband tried to start a family, including unsuccessful rounds of IUI and IVF. We are taken on the emotional rollercoaster of her journey and shed tears of sadness and joy along the way. This episode gives hope to anyone struggling with their own fertility journey, and offers some advice to help support you through this time.

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