January 25, 2023

Episode #201: Comparison is the thief of joy – KICBUMP with Polly ‘PJ’ Harding.

If you live in Melbourne, it’s probably safe to say you’re missing hearing the hilarious, loose & TMI stories from PJ every morning on your way to work! The former KIIS FM host of the ‘Jase & PJ’ show moved back to her home country of New Zealand in 2021 and has since welcomed her beautiful baby boy Charlie.

In today’s KICBUMP episode, PJ opens up about where her head has been at since making the life changing decision of leaving KIIS during the peak of her career, she  generously shares her rollercoaster birth story and tells us how life has changed as a mum, and she also speaks about how she navigates her way through a world of constant comparison.

PJ hosts her own podcast called ‘The PJ Podcast‘ which Steph has been a guest on once before! You can listen to that episode here.

If you’re looking for an online community of other mummas to connect with, you can find our private KICBUMP page on Facebook