October 31, 2022

Episode #180: TikTok’s ‘Last Friday Night’ prank on Hugh van Cuylenburg!

In Steph & Laura’s catch up today, to celebrate Halloween the topic of fears and phobias is discussed (the light hearted and unique ones), and boy did we have some strange ones sent in! Plus, we hear some of the very specific demands celebrities have had for their hotel stays.

Also on today’s KICPOD episode, while we had Hugh van Cuylenburg in the studio we decided to try the ‘Last Friday Night’ Tiktok prank on him, where the lyrics to a Katy Perry song are read out like a story of someone’s night out – so how far into the song will we get until he realises?

Laura – Dare to Lead podcast by Brené Brown, episode with Adam Grant & Simon Sinek
Steph – Emma Chamberlain’s house on Architectural Digest

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