May 11, 2022

Episode #146: How do I know if I ACTUALLY want kids?

On this episode of the KICPOD, Steph and Laura spoke to journalist and published author Gina Rushton. After being faced with the decision about whether she herself wanted children, Gina was inspired to investigate why we now feel so unsure of whether we want to become parents.

This discussion reveals the modern complex considerations that people, in particular women now face when deciding on whether they want to bring a child into the world. From navigating the relationship with yourself and your personal circumstances to the wider issues of climate change and inflation, it’s no wonder that we are now thinking long and hard about the decision to have a child.

We hope that this episode brings comfort to those unsure of whether parenthood is for them and to remind you that it’s totally normal, valid and justified to be confused about what your future might hold when it comes to parenthood.

Gina’s first book The Most Important Job in the World is out now.

Gina Rushton

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Laura – A reminder about how wonderful public transport is