November 16, 2021

Episode #119: Navigating insecurity and learning to love your own skin with Style By Deni

In this chat, we spoke to the incredibly stylish and spirited Deni. Sharing their journey of coming out as non-binary Deni reveals how they’ve built confidence and grown to become more accepting of who they are in their own skin.

Deni speaks to how thankful they are for their hardworking and humble family upbringing which in turn fuelled their work ethic and drive and embedded a deep appreciation for the fruits of their labour.

This chat provides a much needed reminder that growth and navigating one’s insecurities is a non-linear journey and that it’s okay to fake it till you make it.


Deni Todorovič 


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Laura: Wisdom From The Top with Guy Raz interview with Sarah Robb O’Hagan 


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