April 26, 2023

5 ways to love yourself & your body

Sami Rose is our newest strength trainer and body confidence coach, and we could not be more excited to have her part of the family. Sami is our match made in heaven and shares so many of the same values we live and breathe at KIC!

After years of experiencing and overcoming her own struggles with toxic diet culture and negative body image, Sami is our ultimate guardian angel and she has shared some of her own advice on building confidence to help you radiate from the inside and out.

We spend our whole life living in the one body – it may change and grow and evolve throughout different phases of our lives, but if you’re going to spend every single day of your life with someone, you’d want them to be your bestie, not your enemy, right?

Befriending your body after years of body image struggles isn’t something that will happen overnight – we’ve been told for years through movies, magazines, social media and even those around us that our looks are of high importance, and we should do everything we can to live up to the body standards that diet culture has laid out for us.

But we weren’t born hating our bodies, and anything we’ve learned along the way, can be unlearned!

If I could give some advice to my younger self – the girl who hated what she saw in the mirror, the woman who felt she needed to be thinner to be lovable, the new trainer who thought she needed to be lean with abs in order to make it in the fitness industry – I’d tell her that there’s SO much more to her than how she looks, and that she can be making a huge impact on those around her, and around the WORLD, without having the perfect body, because there’s SO much more to her than that.

There are five key things that I did along my own journey of becoming BFF’s with my body, that I think will really help you if you’re struggling with your body image + sense of self too!

1. Challenge the negative thoughts

We’re channelling self love, bestie! You can’t hate yourself into a body that you love, so it’s time to actively fight against any negative thoughts and beliefs in your head, and separate yourself so you no longer engage with them.

Think of that inner mean girl in your head as a little bully – give her (or him, or them!) a name, and any time those thoughts pop up, stand up to that bully! Who are they to ruin your day? How are these thoughts even helpful?

It can help to visualise this bully as someone external to yourself, to make it easier to push away, or at the very least, commit to not taking any action (like changing your food/movement) as a result of those thoughts.

2. Care for your body from the inside out

If you’ve had any instances of using exercise as punishment to burn as many calories as possible, restricted your food despite being hungry, or skipped social events because of a bad body image day, you’ve been letting that bully get the best of you.

Lets turn it around and start actively caring for yourself, smothering yourself with kindness! We’re talking gentle movement in a way you really enjoy, giving space for more rest days, regularly prioritising self care, eating foods that make you feel good, and getting enough good quality sleep! It’s far easier to love a body you’re actively taking good care of!

3. Focus on body functionality

Think of all the wonderful things your body does for you! Even if it doesn’t look the way you want it to, or you have your own physical limitations, your body still does amazing things for you each and every day with millions of moving parts whose sole responsibility to keep you alive, isn’t that so cool?!

Think of what else you can DO with your body, whether your legs allow you to hike mountains, or your mind houses your favourite memories, or your toes can feel the warm sand on your favourite beach days, or your arms can scoop up your favourite tiny human or pet, as well as celebrating your wins and improvements along your fitness journey such as conquering a new lift, increasing your strength, or being able to run faster or for longer!

4. Surround yourself with positive influences

If you find yourself constantly comparing to others on social media, it’s time for a clean out!

Unfollow or mute anyone that doesn’t align with your goals and values, and aim to seek out accounts with more body diversity to help you have more reminders that you can love the skin you’re in however you look!

It’s also important to take this same approach in real life too – set healthy boundaries with those around you and get comfortable stepping away from conversations that centre around criticizing bodies, aiming to have more positive, uplifting energy around you!

Practice complimenting others without it being based on appearance (such as “I love your energy” or “I really appreciate how supportively you show up for me”).

5. Appreciate yourself as a whole, amazing person!

What do you love about yourself that has nothing to do with your body?

Sometimes our negative body thoughts can get in the way of being able to showcase those positive qualities, such as deciding not to attend an event because you can’t find anything to wear that feels good, or being so consumed by fears of weight gain/calories at a dinner that you can’t even be present with those around you.

Remember that the parts of you that matter most and have a genuine impact in life (both to yourself, and to those around you) aren’t about your appearance. Your soul, your kindness, your loyalty, your energy, your sense of humour…. You can showcase any and all of these qualities in whatever body you’re in today – you’re lovable just as you are!

Sami Rose

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