Treadmill Masterclasses

Get sweaty, feel strong and KIC’it on the Treadmill with Laura.

What to expect

BRAND NEW Treadmill workouts guided by KIC’s co-founder and Master Trainer Laura Henshaw.

10 min, 15 min, 20 min & 30 minute endorphin boosting classes.

Workouts to challenge you and improve your fitness. 

Choose between sprint, hill, fartlek and speed interval sessions.

Perfect for all fitness levels with the option to run or walk.


Is Treadmill for me?

Whether you're a seasoned runner or totally new to running, Laura has a session for you! We've got classes to help you learn the basics and classes to test your speed and endurance, we know you're going to LOVE KIC'ing it with Laura.

Set your own pace!

Every single class with Laura has been designed so that you can run or walk! You'll simply adjust your pace to an intensity that works for YOU! It's all about getting your body moving and challenging yourself.