March 24, 2022

Kiss burpees goodbye thanks to ‘Low Impact With Brooke’

Launching in app this Monday, 28th of March, you can expect 20 minute HIIT workouts with no jumping or burpees! Want to know more? Brooke gives us the deep dive on her brand new workout style! 

What does low impact mean?

Low impact movements are more gentle on your body as there is less force applied to your joints and muscles. Usually both feet or at least one foot is always left on the ground so you won’t find any jumping movements in a low-impact workout. Some examples of low-impact exercises are swimming, pilates, yoga and…my new KIC Low Impact Workouts – yay!

What style are your low impact workouts?

If you’ve tried my HIIT workouts before, they’re just like that – minus the jumping. You will have periods of work mixed with small periods of rest plus a few challenges thrown at you here and there. I do love a good challenge.

What areas of the body will we target?

Absolutely everything! You will be able to find low-impact workouts that target your whole body as well as some that focus on specific areas for example, low-impact booty or abs/arms.

Who are your low impact workouts designed for?

My low-impact workouts are perfect for those who are new to exercise or for those who have joint issues and clearance to exercise. I also highly recommend them to anyone working out from an apartment or hotel who don’t want their neighbours sending in noise complaints, haha.

Will low impact workouts still challenge me / get my heart rate up?

You bet they will! I can tell you firsthand that these workouts will most definitely get your heart rate up (trust me, I had to film them all). Your body will be moving non-stop through the work periods and I’ve included some really tough cardio movements that with get your heart racing. Don’t let the name low-impact fool you – they are here to challenge you and make you sweat! 

What equipment do we need for your workouts?

Most of my low-impact workouts can be done with no equipment at all. I love equipment free workouts and finding ways to challenge ourselves using only our body weight. Some workouts will require a set of dumbbells but there are always weight free alternatives or items you can find to use around the house.

What are some at-home alternatives we can use if we don't have access to equipment?

No dumbbells, no dramas! If you don’t have dumbbells at home, you can always opt for some food tins or even bottles of wine. My Mum uses dog food cans regularly during her KIC workouts and they work a treat!

What advice would you give someone thinking about giving your low impact classes a go?

Do it! Getting started is always the hardest part, I promise. Take it at your own pace and focus on only you (and me, of course). If you need more rest, you can pause me at any time – but let’s aim to really challenge ourselves.  

Low impact is the very best way to give your body an amazing workout without the pressure and stress on your joints. I can’t wait to hear how you go! x

Brooke Jowett