November 03, 2021

Our fave workouts for a hot girl summer

Are you ready for your hot girl summer? Here at KIC we sure are! Credit and thanks must go to the Queen, Megan thee Stallion who’s inspired us to gear up for our best summer yet and encouraged us to be unapologetically ourselves. 

The most important thing we want to remind you of and help you realise, is that when it comes to having a hot girl summer, it’s all about YOU! Everyone’s hot girl summer will look and feel different as we embrace ourselves, have fun and not let anyone dim our shine!

To embrace your authentic and unapologetic self we encourage you try something you otherwise wouldn’t because you’ve been scared of what others might think or say. We encourage you to embrace your body and all your beauty and move to feel good and strong. We encourage you to not care about perfection but instead focus on your progress and take on a KIC workout which you might otherwise shy away from.

We are so excited to embrace a hot girl summer and we wanted to share the workouts which we’re going to complete as part of our hot girl summer which are going to help us break a sweat, feel confident and unleash our boss-self.

Beast Mode with Steph (Masterclass with Danny)

Release your inner wild child with this workout. You’ll be completing this session with Steph right by your side as Danny talks you through each exercise. Working your glutes, legs and core you’ll leave this workout feeling accomplished and like you can take on anything. Hot girl summer here we come.

Cardio Crave (HIIT Masterclass with Brooke)

We love a cheeky HIIT workout and this one with Brooke is the perfect full body burner. We love pushing ourselves through each round and proving to ourselves that we are fit and strong enough to take anything on. We know that this workout will leave you feeling euphoric, seriously empowered, glowy and hella hot.

Fire Arms with Laura (Strength Masterclass with Britt)

Your shoulders will burn in this strength sesh with Britt. We can’t stress enough just how incredible we feel knowing that we’re building strength in our arms and shoulders. We love feeling strong and capable in our upper body which means we can push, pull or lift almost anything in our day to day lives like an absolute boss.

Ding Ding! (Boxing Masterclass with Ellice)

Boxing is definitely a more intimidating workout (we know some of the combinations can be tricky to master). However, with the encouragement from Queen Meg to truly embrace and have a hot girl summer, we’ve got to wipe away fear and insecurity and replace it with a carefree and can do attitude.

Ellice is your hype woman and encourages and supports you for the entirety of the workout regardless of whether you’re grasping the combos or not. It’s simply about giving it your best shot.

Honey of the Heart (Yoga Masterclass with Cecily)

This flow with Cecily helps us to remember just how incredible we are. Cecily reminds us to appreciate, wonder and be grateful for all of life’s blessings and not let the little things impact our sense of self. In our opinion this is the perfect hot girl summer workout because it’s all about YOU, your feelings and not letting anything or anyone get in your way.

Bring on summer!