June 05, 2023

Episode #238: Okay, enough poo chat already!

In Steph & Laura’s catch up today, okay MAYBE things get a little gross once again… but we PROMISE this is the last time we discuss poo for a while! Just when you thought Laura’s shockingly gross admission the other day was bad, it somehow gets worse! The question is, is there anybody at all out there who does the same thing as her? We find out in today’s episode.

We also hear from a listener who wants some advice about dealing with trolls on social media, plus Steph’s husband

Josh blamed her for something that was undoubtedly his fault… but we’ve all done this to some degree.


Laura – Magic Mike’s Last Dance, film on Apple TV

Steph – The Good Nurse, film on Netflix


Our Halfway Hustle Challenge starts today! Enrolments in the Kic app are still open, so if you’ve been thinking about joining, you still have time! The challenge goes for 6 weeks, and there are 3 ways to hustle. Pilates with Kika, Strength with Danny OR you can choose the Ultimate Hustle – Strength + Pilates, combined.