April 28, 2020

Danny’s Favourite Exercises Of All Time

What’s up KIC community!

When it comes to exercise selection for certain body parts, there’s always a certain few I just can’t pass up in regards to effectiveness of bang for your buck. Please do keep in mind that the exercise itself is not as important as the movement you are trying to achieve if certain exercises don’t feel great for you or you just don’t enjoy them, swap them out for others that are more suitable for you.


– Squats
– Bulgarian split squats
– Hip thrusts/glute bridge
– Sumo deadlift
– Reverse lunges


– Romanian Deadlift (RDL)
– Single leg arabesque
– Lying hamstring curl (gym needed)
– Glute-hamstring raises (gym needed)


– Lunges (static lunges)
– Wall hip raises
– Squats
– Step-ups
– Bulgarian split squat


– Push ups
– Dumbbell chest press


– Single arm row
– Pull ups (gym needed)
– Seated row or cable row (gym needed)
– Supermans
– Reverse dumbbell fly


– Dumbbell shoulder press
– Dumbbell lateral raise
– Dumbbell front raise
– Dumbbell L-raise


– Bench dips
– Overhead dumbbell extension
– Dumbbell curls
– Dumbbell kickback


  • Single or double leg calf raises (full stretch at the bottom of the rep, hold the contraction at the top)

These are just some of my top exercises for each muscle group, the full list is endless, but at the end of the day, the foundational exercises have been around for a long time for a reason.😊

What you always want to consider when choosing an exercise, is how effective will it be in achieving the desired outcome of stimulating the target muscle and expending as much energy as possible.

Danny Kennedy