May 31, 2023

Your Halfway Hustle questions – answered!

Thinking of signing up to our Halfway Hustle Challenge? But maybe you’re not sure which challenge is right for you? Or are you unsure about how heavy your weights should be, or what equipment you need in general?

If you have a heap of burning questions, don’t stress. You’re not alone! And we’re about to answer all of them right here for you. 

1. How much does it cost?

Our challenges and programs are all inclusive within your Kic subscription, which is from as little as $2.20 a week! 

If you’re new to Kic, our price breakdown can be accessed via the Kic website and we also have a 7 day free trial:

Here are our subscription tiers:

  • Monthly ($4.87/week)
  • Quarterly ($4.16/week)
  • Yearly ($2.21/week)

Within your Kic sub you’ll get access to all our challenges and Kic programs, plus everything else the app offers including over 1000+ workouts, delicious and convenient recipes and meditations!

2. Do I need any equipment for this challenge?

For this challenge, we recommend a mix of basic equipment to increase your resistance so you can reap the benefits from progressive overload.

Pilates with Kika  – ✓ Basic equipment suggestions (dumbbells, sliders, booty band & Pilates ball)
Strength with Danny – ✓ Basic equipment – kettlebell, dumbbells, box and resistance bands
Ultimate Hustle – Mix of BOTH!

However, all of our workouts in the Kic app can be modified with at-home alternatives if you have limited access to equipment. You could use a small, firm cushion instead of a pilates ball, water bottles instead of dumbbells and socks instead of sliders. You can check out more of our at home alternatives via the Kic blog here

3. How do I choose my challenge and enrol in the app?

Great question! We’ve recently made it even easier to sign up to a challenge. Simply follow these steps to sign up in the Kic app:

  1. Firstly, make sure you’re subscribed to Kic!
  2. Remember to update your Kic app
  3. Hit ‘Explore’ in the app
  4. Choose your challenge (or HUSTLE!)
  5. Click ‘JOIN’
  6. Select the days you want to work out.

Then you’re all set! When the challenge commences, you will see your workouts in your planner or your schedule in your ‘You’ profile in the app!

4. Where do I find the workouts? How do I know which workout to do on which day?

Once you have picked what days you want to workout (depending on what challenge you have chosen, this will either be 3 or 5 days a week), leave it up to us! The workouts from the Halfway Hustle will be scheduled for you in your weekly planner, so that every day throughout the 6 weeks you will be able to view your planner and find your workout for the day. You can also find your schedule and access each workout via your ‘You’ profile.

5. What happens if I miss a workout or can’t complete it on the recommended day?

Don’t sweat it. At Kic we really want you to focus on your progress and how you feel as you work through the challenge. If you miss a workout, try to complete it at another stage in the week that suits you. Head to your schedule in your ‘You’ profile to view all of your workouts so you can see what you’re up to! Otherwise the workout you have missed will be waiting for you on your next selected available day based off of your selected days when you signed up!

We want to encourage you to push and challenge yourself, but we know life gets in the way at the best of times, so remember to just do what you can with what you have. Flexibility and listening to your body is key! 

6. I’m currently following KICRUN. Can I still do this challenge in conjunction with KICRUN?

This is another great question! When speaking to our physios from Upwell Health Collective, who helped us develop our KICRUN Program, they highly recommended Pilates with Kika to serve as complementary exercises for KICRUN, particularly for beginner runners completing the 0-5KM Program. 

If you’re a more experienced runner, you’re welcome to choose Danny’s challenge alongside your KICRUN program, but just remember that Strength with Danny has more of a lower body focus. So if you’re looking to lighten the load on your legs during those alternate days, a full body Pilates focus with Kika might be the perfect choice for you.

If you decide following both is a little too much on your body, head to your run program, click the top three dots and pause your program.


7. What size dumbbells and kettlebell do I need?

This will come down to your level of strength! We would recommend anywhere between 5 to 12kg dumbbells and  12-24kg kettlebells for Danny’s Strength Challenge, and 1-2kg dumbbells for Kika’s Pilates Challenge 

Remember it’s so important to only lift weights that won’t compromise your form. When you’re feeling stronger, you can progress to a heavier piece of equipment!

8. I’m currently following one of the Kic Programs - is it fine if the challenge and one of the Programs overlap?

If you’re currently completing a Kic program and you’re wanting to participate in the Halfway Hustle Challenge, we recommend pausing your current program. You can always come back to it after your challenge (and remember the challenge is only available in the app for a limited time!)

You can pause your current challenge by: 

  1. Opening the ‘You’ section 
  2. Select your current Kic Program
  3. Tap the three dots on the top right hand corner
  4. Select ‘pause’.

It will stay there, ready for you to resume when you’re ready!

9. Is the Halfway Hustle Challenge suitable for pregnant women?

Unfortunately our Halfway Hustle Challenge doesn’t have a pregnancy friendly option, however, if you’re looking for pregnancy friendly workouts, we have so many you can choose from in our ‘Explore’ section under ‘Pregnancy Friendly’. Otherwise if you’re looking for a program to follow, we have our pre and postnatal KICBUMP Programs too. 

 You know your body better than anyone. If you’re educated on the movements you should be avoiding during your pregnancy, you’re welcome to still enroll in the challenge and make any substitutions necessary. Just make sure you’re consulting with your GP regularly so they know what you’re up to!

Ready for our Halfway Hustle Challenge? Join Kic today! 

Sign ups open now. Challenge starts Monday 5 of June.

6 weeks, 3 ways to hustle – Strength with Danny, Pilates with Kika, or choose the Ultimate Hustle – strength & pilates, combined!