May 24, 2023

Why as little as 10 minutes is all you need!

Over the past few years, I have been slowly shifting towards shorter workouts (known at Kic as Kic Minis!)

There are quite a few reasons for this, but the most obvious reason is because life can get crazy busy at times and it’s often hard to find a spare 45-60 minutes in your day. I know to some, 10 minutes may not seem like anywhere near enough time to work up a sweat, but if you’re choosing the right types of exercises, keeping rest periods short and challenging yourself, you most definitely feel the difference. 

Here are a few reasons why I love a Kic mini workout!

You can ALWAYS find a spare 10 minutes

Exercise is and has always been such an important priority in my life, but I’ll admit there are times where I just can’t find the time in my day for a good old fashion, 45-minute sweat session. This usually leaves me resenting my workout because I feel too rushed for the rest of the day or disregarding my workout all together (which always leaves me in a bad mood). Setting aside just 10 minutes for your workout is much easier to adhere to and if you find some extra time, you can always add on a finisher or second mini to the end to extend your session.

They’re short enough to keep those energy levels high for the entire session

I always find that my energy levels and enthusiasm during a Kic Mini are at an all-time high, mostly because I know it’s going to be over very quickly. Short workouts keep things fresh and exciting, plus you can put 110% of your energy into each exercise, knowing that you won’t have to repeat them too many times. Often a shorter workout with less breaks and higher enthusiasm can burn more energy than a prolonged session where energy is flat, and breaks are dragged out.

You can build your own longer session using multiple Kic minis

I love how much variety Kic has with their minis. I often find myself setting aside 10-20 minutes for a workout, doing a mini then deciding I want to work a completely different part of my body. It’s so easy to add another 5 or 10 minutes to your workout using another mini. Minis give you the ability to build your own workouts based on what you feel like working on that day. If you’re yet to give a mini workout a try, here are a few of my favourite Kic Minis.

Booty Band Pump – Brooke (10 Minutes)
Killer Shoulders – Leo (5 Minutes)
Floating Leg Ab Burner – Brooke (5 Minutes)
Standing Barre Cardio – Kika (10 Minutes)

Here are a few mini workout tips before I leave you!

You should still find a few minutes to warm up and cool down

Just because it’s shorter, doesn’t mean you don’t need to prepare your body. A few minutes of pre-workout stretching and cooling down will keep your body feeling fresh for your next mini session!

Opt for High Intensity exercises where possible

To get the most out of your short session, try your best to pick movements that get your heart racing. 10 minutes of HIIT is enough to give your metabolism a boost, to raise your energy levels and can even improve your sleep.

Mix it up

It’s easy to find a Kic mini you love and want to stick to it, but I recommend giving everything a try. It will keep your workouts exciting and challenge your body every time you log on.

Whether you’re aiming for a mini workout each day or just want to keep them as a backup for the days when you’re short of time, I hope you love every second of them and can’t wait to see your progress!

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Brooke Jowett