Mindful in May

We’re making it even easier to be mindful this May. You can now schedule in time for your mind directly into your Kic planner with over 100 different meditations, affirmations, sleep stories and soundscapes to choose from.


Schedule time for your mind

Choose from over 100 mindfulness affirmations, meditations and soundscapes. Plus over 50 yoga & Pilates Masterclasses, including 5 NEW Yoga Flows to get your body moving while being mindful too. 

Mindful in May starts from the 1st until 31st of May. 


Your week just got easier with our schedule tool

We've made planning ahead even easier in the KIC app, you can choose from a variety of mindful activities and 'schedule' them directly into your planner. Whether it's a quick 5-minute meditation or a longer yoga session, taking time to tune into your mind and body can be a powerful tool for finding peace and calm in the midst of a busy day. So go ahead and hit that schedule button directly from any activity in the app, and get ready to discover a whole new world of mindfulness!


Share your mindfulness activity & inspire others

Celebrate and share your workout, meditation or favourite recipe with friends via our new ‘share’ feature! Add a photo and inspire others to prioritise their mind & body this May. Who knows, meditation or yoga might become yours, or somebody else's new healthy habit or 'non-negotiable' in their daily routine!


What’s new? 

5 NEW Yoga Flows, 10 – 30 minutes in duration

Own your day & schedule your favourite mindfulness activity straight into your KIC planner

Share your workout, meditation or favourite recipe and inspire your friends via our new ‘share’ feature!


How to get started?

Select your choice of mindful activity and schedule time for your mind

Complete your workout or meditation – well done on prioritising you!

You also have the option to share & celebrate your meditation or workout by hitting our new ‘share’ button

Did you know?

Mindful in May was started by Dr Elise Bialylew, the world’s largest online mindfulness fundraising campaign.

We recommend heading to the website to raise funds for worthy causes and to learn more.


Join us to experience Mindful in May and everything else Kic has to offer for 7 days with no strings attached.