August 10, 2023

What is Barre Pilates?

Barre Pilates is an epic fusion of Pilates, ballet and yoga! To help us understand more about Barre, we asked our Master Trainer, Kika, to tell us what Barre is all about!

What is Barre Pilates and what can we expect from a Barre Class with you?

Barre is a beautiful workout style which combines pilates, yoga and ballet into one full body session. Barre is designed to help you strengthen and work your entire body, including those tiny muscles you didn’t know existed! 

You can expect your Barre sessions with me to be strong, fun and powerful. Get ready to feel the burn! 

How does Barre Pilates differ from traditional Pilates?

Barre is a type of Pilates which harnesses many of the traditional Pilates movements but intensifies them by keeping you consistently moving, flowing from one movement to another. Because you’re continuously moving you’ll be getting your heart rate up which makes a barre class more challenging and intense in comparison to a regular pilates class. You’ll find yourself having to focus and work especially hard to maintain good rhythm and form.

Barre also uses a chair (or anything you can use to stabilise your balance) which in turn allows you to better maintain your posture, stabilise your body so that you can dedicate your focus to the working muscle group for longer.

What parts of the body does Barre Pilates focus on?

My barre classes will get your entire body working, however I definitely love to place focus on the glutes, the legs and the core!

How important is focusing on the breath in a Barre Pilates class?

Oh my goodness breath is EVERYTHING. If you’re not breathing throughout your barre workout it becomes extremely hard to switch on the correct muscles. Focusing on your breathing is also integral to maintaining good form throughout all the different exercises in each of my classes.

Do we need equipment? If so, what at-home alternatives can we use?

My classes do use a variety of equipment however it’s totally okay if you don’t have these available! Here’s a list of what you can use instead:

  • No dumbbells, no dramas! Use two full drink bottles or tin cans.
  • Missing a mini band? You can do it without!
  • No Pilates ball? Grab yourself a firm small cushion.
  • Substitute sliders with a pair of socks.

If however you are wanting to get your hands on some equipment, I actually have my own range of equipment that is perfect for your barre classes with me and lots of other KIC workouts too!

You can purchase it here.

Is Barre Pilates suitable for someone who needs a lower impact workout? Can I make any modifications?

My barre classes are perfect if you’re looking for an intense workout that is also low impact. I encourage you to modify the workouts as you need and to suit your body. Also don’t forget that it can be the smallest and simplest of movements that can give the biggest and most fierce burn. The most important thing is to focus on controlling your movements and keeping your form and body aligned.

The use of a chair in my barre classes is also another factor that helps to make these workouts more accessible to those who are in need of a little extra support.

I'm pregnant, is Barre safe for me?

My classes are generally safe for any one who is pregnant, however like everything, always listen to your body and consult with your medical professionals to ensure you’re doing the best thing for you and baby.

If you are pregnant and looking to do a barre class with me, be mindful in your movements and rather than looking to match my pace I encourage you to move a little more slow and controlled and tune in on your form and rest as you need.

I also recommend skipping any core exercises.

If you are pregnant and looking for workouts which are specifically designed for pregnancy, be sure to check out the KICBUMP pre-natal Pilates program.

Kika Coccia