October 13, 2022

The difference between KICRUN & Treadmill Masterclasses

If you want to start your running journey or take your running to the next level, KIC’s got you covered!

KIC offers 2 totally unique and incredible running experiences:


2. Treadmill Masterclasses

We’ve broken down what you can expect from each of these offerings, how you can incorporate these offerings into your current workout routine and figure out which experience (or both) is right for you.

What is KICRUN?

KICRUN is our audio guided running programs developed with the support of expert Physios. Within KICRUN there are two 8 week programs to choose from depending on your goals: 0-5km or 5-10km. Each of these programs have 3 runs per week which gradually increase in time and distance until you reach the the goal distance.

Guiding you through every session is our co-founder and passionate runner, Laura. You’ll have Laura in your ear taking you through each run (when to stop and start running) and she’ll also be cheering you on every step of the way!

Who is KICRUN for?

KICRUN is for anybody and any body who is fortunate to be able to run.

KICRUN is for the person who:

  • wants to learn to run 5km.
  • wants to learn to run 10km.
  • loves to follow a structured program.
  • wants to improve their fitness.
  • can already run 5km but wants to improve their 5km time (if this is you, we recommend taking on the 0-5km KICRUN program but instead of walking rests, take jogging rests).
  • can already run 5km and wants to improve their distance (if this is you, we recommend taking on the 5-10km KICRUN program for your next challenge).
What are Treadmill Masterclasses?

Treadmill Masterclasses are one off guided running sessions designed to be completed on a treadmill. These sessions are guided by our co-founder, Laura.

Within our Treadmill Masterclass offering, you can choose from a variety of runs including sprints, hills, fartlek and speed interval sessions and choose between a range of session lengths including 10, 15, 20 and 30 minute runs.

You can choose to run or walk a Treadmill session as Laura provides cues for both!

Who is Treadmill for?

Treadmill is for anybody and any body who is fortunate to be able to run and has access to a treadmill.

Treadmill workouts are perfect for all fitness levels as you can run or walk.

Treadmill is for the person who:

  • needs guidance on what to do on a treadmill.
  • wants to improve their fitness.
  • loves to run but doesn’t want to follow a structured program.
  • needs a finisher after a gym workout.
  • wants to add variety to their current workout schedule.
  • is short on time, but wants to get their sweat on.
Can I do other workouts if I am completing one of the KICRUN programs?

Yes! It’s highly recommended that you look after your strength and flexibility when running.

In addition to the 3 runs scheduled each week in the KICRUN programs, we recommend aiming to complete a couple of Yoga, Strength or Pilates workouts per week to support your running.

We recommend avoiding HIIT, Cardio Pilates and Bootcamp classes while completing the KICRUN program as they will exhaust your body and compromise your runs.

Can I do other workouts if I am completing a Treadmill Masterclass?

Absolutely! The Treadmill Masterclasses have been designed so that you can complete them on their own or add them as a finisher to extend your workout on a particular day – it all comes down to how your body is feeling and how much time you have.

Treadmill Masterclasses are also perfect to incorporate into your current workout routine for variety! For example, your weekly workout schedule might look like:

    • Monday – Strength
    • Tuesday – Treadmill
    • Wednesday – Rest
    • Thursday – Pilates
    • Friday – Strength + Treadmill
    • Saturday – Rest
    • Sunday – Yoga

Remember, the above is just an example – it’s all about building a routine that is sustainable and works for you!

Can I be doing KICRUN and Treadmill Masterclasses at the same time?

Although KICRUN and Treadmill Masterclasses have been designed as separate experiences, you can bring them together if you wish. This might mean you add in a 4th run to a KICRUN Program week that is a Treadmill Masterclass if you are a more experienced runner and looking for a little bit extra (however this might cause an overload injury). Alternatively you could swap out one of the KICRUN Runs in a particular week for a Treadmill Masterclass (however doing this may impact the progressive nature of the program).

The bottom line is, when it comes to running, it’s important to make sure you build up gradually. Pushing yourself too hard or adding in extra runs before your body is ready could increase your risk of injury. It comes down to you, your body and where you’re at with your running and your running goals.

If you want some professional advice on this, chat to a physio.