January 07, 2022

Steph KICíd 5km with confidence!

Wondering what it’s like to KIC’ your 5km running goal? We asked Steph to share an insight into her experience, challenges and future goals now that she’s KIC’d 5km with confidence! 

You just ran 5km!? How does it feel!?

IT FEELS GREAT! I thought I would struggle mentally in the last run because for me it still felt like such a long way to run without any breaks, but it wasnít hard at all! I actually started to give myself positive cues out loud like the ones in the app from Laura anytime I felt like giving up, and I honestly smiled a few times along the way. I was just so excited to finish the run and the program! I am so guilty of setting myself random goals and getting lost along the way and never actually finishing themÖ so finishing the 0-5km KICRUN program for me was a great reminder that If I set my mind to something, and appreciate the journey and not just the destinationÖ I can reach my goals! 

What are your next running goals?

My main goal for running moving forward is to keep practicing regularly enough that I actually enjoy my runs! What I found prior to the KICRUN program was that each run I attempted I would almost hate because Iíd push myself too much and challenge myself to the point that it wasn’t enjoyable. I would then get so down on myself because it wasn’t even a large run in comparison to other peopleís runs. But the KICRUN program taught me to pace myself each run and build up my running fitness gradually – with no pressure whatsoever on how fast I completed them.

Having already completed the 5km goal, how do you feel about running 10km?

The furthest Iíve run in the past was just shy of 8km and all I remember was how much I struggled. So I think it would be amazing to do the 5-10km program one day, and be able to run such a far distance comfortably. But for now Iím going to stick to maintaining the level Iím at now, and maybe revisit the 5-10km KICRUN program another time.

What would be your advice to someone thinking of starting running this year?

If youíre even slightly motivated to do so, just do it. Youíre one step further than most! Remember we all need to start somewhere, so pace yourself. Itís not a race, you can worry about your pace later on when you are more comfortable running. And another tip would be to find a running buddy, or join our KIC Facebook community and keep us all updated! Following the KICRUN program along with the community was a huge motivator for me.

What is your advice to new mums who are keen to get back into running?

Obviously make sure you have clearance first, your physio will give you great tips on what to look out for as signs that you may not be ready. But outside of that, make sure you schedule in your runs. To really improve your running fitness you have to try and commit to 3 runs a week, and that can be challenging for anyone, let alone a mum. I don’t have a baby jogger pram, so the only time I could run was if someone was home with Harvey. So, I had to think ahead and make it work each week so that I could keep up with the program. But hey, life gets in the way sometimes and that’s okay. Some weeks I did have to go back and repeat a run because I had taken a little too many days off from running – but I got there in the end and gave it my best shot and that’s all that anyone could ask for!

What are you most proud of?

Reaching a goal I had set for myself! Proving to myself that I can do anything I set my mind to.

What was your biggest KICRUN hurdle and how did you overcome this?

There was about a month around the 6 week mark of the program where I kept having to repeat a run or struggle through a run due to too many days off. We were shooting new KIC workouts and it would’ve been too much on my body to also do my runs that week so I lost a little momentum! But I tried to not let it get to me, I kept looking to the community for motivation and just got a run done when I could! Itís an 8 week program, but that doesn’t mean you have to finish it in 8 weeks. If a particular run or even week of runs feels awfully challenging then go back and repeat it until you feel comfortable to move on.

If you’re wanting to know more about our 8 week audio guided beginner KICRUN 0-5km run program click here, or if you’re looking to take your running to the next level, you can read about our KICRUN 5-10km program here! 


Steph Claire Smith