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KIC is your access to over 1,000+ workouts, recipes, meditations and run programs. As the Canberra Marathon Festival health & wellness app partner we’re here to help you progress your training, nourish your body and calm your mind. 

Looking for a guided program to get you run 5km or 10km? KICRUN is your audio guided 8-week program developed with support of expert Physios and designed to gradually increase your running time and distance. 

As a participant of the Portsea Twilight run event we’re gifting you two months free access* to the KIC app (usually $38.98 AUD). 

To get started hit redeem now to automatically apply the code at checkout or enter the promo code CANBERRAKIC


Learn to run 5km with
Laura Henshaw

"I've spoken with so many people who want to run but can’t get past the ‘belief’ that they are not a runner. KICRUN is designed to help you push past that mental barrier and progress to running 5km straight in just 8 weeks. I'm so confident that KICRUN will not only make you fall in love with running, but also make you realise that you are a runner."


Strengthen your training with

Strengthen your core and feel the burn with 100+ Pilates masterclasses ranging from just 5 minutes to 30 minutes. With equipment and equipment free workouts there is one waiting for you!


Fuel your body with
tasty recipes

We’re all about building a positive relationship with food, so you’ll never see calorie-counting or restrictive diets with KIC. We believe balanced (and delicious!) meals are essential to nourish your mind and body, so we’ve got more than 500 fuss-free, dietitian-approved recipes designed to boost your mood, elevate your energy and help you feel good with every mouthful.


Ready for your next challenge?

If you can confidently run 5km and are looking to take your running to the next level, our KICRUN 5-10km program is for you. Like our beginner run program, Laura will be guiding you every step of the way. With new distance-based motivational cues to cheer you on throughout the 8 week program. 

Learn to run
10km with Laura!

"Well done! You've proven to yourself that you ARE a runner and now it's time to take your running to the next level! Our KICRUN 5-10km program is designed by experts to help you build endurance, increase fitness and boost your confidence. I'll be right by your side, cheering you on with every stride. Want to run 10km straight in just 8 weeks? KICRUN is ready when you are!

Try KICRUN 5-10km today with 2 months free


Just proved to myself that I AM A RUNNER and I CAN DO THIS! Thank you so much Laura and Steph, the KIC Run program has helped me so much with my confidence and my belief in myself and what I can do. Can’t believe I have completed it! To everyone completing week 8 this week, you are fabulous and I am so proud of us all.


Just completed the final run of the 8 week program! Can’t believe how quick that 8 weeks went! Also cannot believe I actually ran 5km non stop this morning and LOVED every minute of it!! Thank you Laura for all your words of wisdom throughout the whole program. I can happily say (with a lot more confidence than week 1) “I am a Runner”.


Yay 8 weeks done and dusted. It feels absolutely amazing! At the start of the program I wondered how I’d get to week 8! Week 5 and 6 still felt hard. For me it was week 7 when it all clicked and I was feeling great on my runs. Time hasn’t been the focus, just getting through each run was the goal. Now it is time for some new running goals and that is so exciting. For anyone thinking about starting the run program, you won’t regret it, it’s awesome! Thank you so much Laura, Steph and the KIC SQUAD and team for always challenging and motivating us, forever grateful xx


5KM DONE! I AM A RUNNER!!! I have to say I was VERY sceptical that I’d finish todays run but I just told myself I could do it the whole time and had Laura’s voice in my ear and got it DONE! Can’t wait for 10km!



*Offer only available on sign up at, selecting the month to month plan and using the promo code CANBERRAKIC. Valid for participants of the Sole Motive Summer Set Series event and are new to Keep it Cleaner. Not valid in conjunction with any other offer. Valid credit card required on sign up.  Offer valid until 16/04/2023. Automatic renewal applies, cancel anytime and you will remain active until the end of your subscription month. 

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