September 26, 2023

Our top 7 easy (but effective!) running motivation hacks

When we surveyed our KIC community 83% initially said that the thought of running made them feel doubtful, overwhelmed or anxious.

But we’re here to put that unhelpful, internal dialogue and self-doubt to bed, because regardless of whether you’re a beginner or experienced runner, sometimes we all need some motivational hacks to put a pep in our step.

So, here are some of our top running motivation hacks. They might feel simple, but at Kic, we’re all about small, sustainable steps you can easily integrate into your lifestyle, to help you reach your goals.

1. Put your running gear out the night before

We know the snooze button is tempting, particularly if you’re waking up early (when it’s still dark!). But try laying out your runners and active wear the night before, so that they’re in sight, ready to be worn in the morning. It makes the process of getting up and dressed a lot more convenient.

2. Brush your teeth!

I know this might sound strange (and you may not have time!) but if you’re running in the morning, brushing your teeth can help you feel fresh, awake and ready.

3. Make a coffee (if you have time to wake up 15 mins earlier!)

A warm cup of coffee is something we all look forward to at Kic. You won’t see Laura doing anything without a coffee first thing in the morning! It might be the boost of energy you need to get you out the door (a reminder to have a BIG cup of water prior to your coffee).

4. Run with a friend!

This is an inexpensive way to catch up with a friend, and scheduling it in will help keep you accountable!

5. Queue an awesome playlist

Music is your ultimate hype partner! A ripping playlist has the power to inspire you to move, boost your mood and help you feel in sync with your body. And if you’re looking for the perfect playlist, we have you covered with our KICRUN playlist on Spotify!

6. Stick with your schedule 

Having a realistic schedule you think you can stick to, can be really helpful in creating small, healthy habits. Designate the days you know work well for you and try making it a routine. You may prefer running in the afternoon rather than the morning that’s totally fine! It’s all about running your way. 

7. Celebrate YOU!

Whether you ran for 5 minutes, 15 minutes or 50 minutes, getting a run done is a massive achievement and a moment that deserves to be celebrated. So, remind yourself of how proud you will feel after your run and do something to prioritise YOU!

Finally, remember your WHY. Think about how amazing running makes you feel (that runner’s high!) and the endless benefits running has on our mental wellbeing. Don’t forget to celebrate the small win and know that any progress made is something to be incredibly proud of, so don’t let that voice in your head convince you otherwise.

You’ve got this!

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