December 13, 2023

Our guide to Kic’ing it on holiday

Travelling over the holiday break? Maybe you’re heading on a road trip, or jet-setting overseas. Travelling is hands down one of the most amazing parts of life, so if you’ve booked yourself a holiday, good on you!

Between us we’ve spent a lot of time jet-setting around the world and have learnt a thing or two about Kic’ing it on the go. So we wanted to pass on these tips to you.

But before we dive in, we wanted to remind you that there’s a reason why holidays are called a ‘break’. It’s time to escape from your day-to-day life, connect with friends and family and enjoy a change of scenery to relax and restore your body & mind. Don’t be afraid or feel guilty to step out of your daily routine. If you choose to Kic it while you’re on holiday, we really hope you’re doing this for the way it makes you feel, not because of what you ate or drank the day before. Live it up, enjoy yourself and don’t forget that it’s the experiences and memories you’ll look back on that will make you smile, not the HIIT workout you happened to complete that day! 

Our top tips for Kic’ing it on the go: 

1. Kic-start your day

On the days where you do feel like squeezing in a workout, we find that rolling out of bed and smashing it out first thing is the best way to fit it in your day. Holiday time is precious, so you could choose one of our 15 minute workouts or a 5 minute mini. That way you can quickly unleash those ‘feel good’ endorphins and have the rest of the day to go with the flow!

2. Opt for equipment free

There are so many equipment-free workouts in the Kic app, making it easy to Kic it whenever and wherever you want. If you prefer to use weights, there might be a gym at your hotel or you can use on-the-road-alternatives like water bottles as dumbbells and your hotel chair for a bench!

3. There's more than one way to move your body

Whether you’re exploring a new city by foot, swimming in the clear blue ocean or dancing the night away, it’s important to remember the organic movements that fill your day. You’ll be surprised by how much you move your body when you’re out on adventures, and it’s much more enjoyable than squats and sit ups!

4. Be kind to your mind

No matter what type of holiday you’ve booked, travelling can sometimes get stressful. Perhaps your flight was delayed, your hostel booking wasn’t showing up in the system, you’re struggling to understand the local language or you’ve lost your passport. Whenever you’re ever feeling stressed or anxious remember that Kic meditations have your back. Pop on a five minute meditation when you’re lying in bed, travelling from one city to another or relaxing by the pool, your mind will thank you for it!

5. Say goodbye to guilt

A break is HEALTHY, rest is NECESSARY and a holiday is NEEDED. No matter what your typical routine looks like, taking time off and refilling your cup is going to put you in a much better place than before. Be in the moment, focus on the incredible opportunities in front of you, stay safe and most importantly, have fun!