October 27, 2021

Our guide to KIC’ing it at the gym

With lockdown ending our cravings for a change of scenery and variety in our workouts has started to kick in! For many of us, working out at the gym is going to become a regular occurrence.


To help our KIC gym junkies get back to the gym with confidence we wanted to share our top tips and tricks for KIC’ing it at the gym. These tips are going to help you make the most out of your KIC app, see you get even fitter and stronger and help you combat any gym anxiety you might have.

1. Complete your KIC Strength workouts at the gym

By completing a Strength Masterclass or strength planner session at the gym, you’re going to be able to see yourself and those muscles GROW even more! This is because, when you’ve got a variety of weights at your fingertips you can slowly progressively overload (i.e. increase the weights you’re working with). Progressive overload is the key to improving your strength and feeling that burn.

2. Take your boxing to the next level at the gym

As much fun as shadow boxing is, there’s something seriously fulfilling about hitting a bag and seeing the strength of your punch. The best thing about completing a KIC boxing workout at the gym is that you can make the most out of your gym’s resources and community! You can find yourself a boxing buddy to hold the pads for your combos or you can on take on the boxing bag.

3. Too hot to run outside? Complete your KICRUN on the treadmill!

Here at KIC we always want to ensure that we’re being sun smart whilst also KIC’ing your goals. The gym’s treadmills are a great option for you to smash out your KICRUN when its utterly hot, the sun is blaring and you want to look after your skin (plus there’s likely going to be lots of fans blowing cool air over you).

Taking on a KICRUN on the treadmill is another great way to challenge yourself and push your pace. Of course you can slow down the treadmill’s pace so that you’re running comfortably to complete the session, but if you ever want to take it up a notch, set the treadmill’s pace to something a little more challenging.

4. Master those box jumps

Ever been a bit hesitant to smash out those box jumps in a HIIT workout because you’ve got neighbours below you or you’re worried the chair might slip? Well, taking your HIIT workout involving box jumps to the gym will remove these worries! Gyms have boxes of all different heights specifically designed for box jumps (plus, as you improve, you can easily increase the height of the jump).

5. With KIC, you've always got a plan

A lot of the time gym anxiety is caused by feeling lost and uncertain of what you’re doing, but with KIC, you’ll be in and out of the gym in good time feeling confident knowing what, if any equipment you need, where you need to be in the gym and how to set yourself up. We know that with KIC, you’ll feel more confident in the gym.