September 19, 2022

Music to get you moving!

To help celebrate the launch of our brand new workout style Dance Cardio, we’ve created some epic playlists to help you take your movement & motivation to the next level.

Each tune has been specifically selected due to its bpm pairing perfectly with Kath’s classes. 

Are you keen to complete one of Kath’s Dance Cardio classes but unsure of what types of tunes will pair best with their classes? 

Worry no more because we’ve got you covered! 

Alongside Kath, we have created 2 Dance Cardio specific playlists:

  1. Dance Cardio Tunes; and
  2. Kath Ebb’s Top Songs.

Playlist 1. features high energy dance hits to get your body moving and grooving. From Rhianna to Beyonc√© to Rudimental, we know you’re going to love having a boogie to these tunes.

Playlist 2. has been handpicked by Kath themselves and features feel-good tracks to fuel your body and mind. Expect some Kylie, Mr Sosa and Junior Jack.

These tunes are going to help you smash out your Dance Cardio workout and make you feel good!