May 17, 2023

Motivation to get moving when it’s chilly AF!

The morning’s are definitely getting chilly here at Kic HQ, and the struggle to roll out of bed to workout is REAL.

ICYMI: One of our Kic members was also struggling to get out of bed to move her body at 5am (can relate, it’s freezing!) So, she reached out to the trusted panel (our Kic Facebook community) asking for advice… And the thread went off!

Ready for the most common hack…? Workout in your PJs! That’s the beauty of Kic, you can literally roll out of bed, on to your mat and press play. Forget the rules that tell you what you should be wearing when you workout. Feeling comfortable, confident and cosy is all that matters.

Hungry for more hot tips? Here’s how our very own Kic Squad is staying motivated to move on chilly mornings:

1. Rachel

“I turn on my heater when my alarm goes off, so it doesn’t feel as cold when I get out of bed”

2. Nicole

“I have a bedside light on an automatic timer so it starts to turn on just before 5”

3. Roxy

“I put my gym gear on the heated towel rail so it’s nice and warm when I put it on”

4. Jen

I always go back to Laura’s ‘what is your why?’ I know my ‘why’ is to better myself, to get fitter and stronger and to feel better about myself heading in to a new day. The positive self talk makes getting out of bed so much easier

5. Nicole

“The thing that helps hugely is to find a buddy to workout with. It doesn’t have to be every day, but having someone that is relying on you to show up is a great way to build the habit”

7. Karina

“I have a sunrise alarm clock which stimulates a rising sun, and it helps me soo much. It’s light in my room when my alarm goes off”

8. Jessica

“If I’m leaving the house, I’ll have my gym bag packed with water, towel, wallet etc.”

9. Amy

I go for a morning run or walk and seeing the sunrise is excellent motivation

10. Nicole

“I make sure all my clothes, shoes and keys are all lined up and ready to go the night before

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