July 12, 2023

Meet your new gym PT!

Danny isn’t just any run-of-the-mill trainer; he has been a fundamental part of Kic since the OG days. Coming from over 10 years experience as a certified personal trainer for a range of elite athletes, as well as a strength & conditioning coach, Danny’s passion for helping people unleash their full potential is infectious – he’s the kind of PT who can Lift both your energy and your dumbbells (pardon the pun!)

Our head trainer, our hype guy, our motivation and now our PT for the gym! Danny is the powerhouse that drives our fitness dreams forward. You may recognise him from our Kic Strength, HIIT & Super HIIT Masterclasses, coaching us through some killer workouts (and bantering with Laura!), but leaving us feeling so accomplished afterwards.

Danny is also the mastermind behind our progressive Kic Programs – KICSTART, KICFIT, KICPRO – which reveal the movements Steph’s mastered from her 1:1 training sessions with Danny, so you can unlock the same experience.

Now, Danny has done it again and wow’d us with his talent in helping us to develop our new gym program – Lift – coming soon to the Kic app on Sunday 30 July.

Get ready guys, because Danny has put Steph to work and you’re about to get strong and sweaty and find your inner fitness junkie in the best way possible. Lift is the gym program you’ve been waiting for – over 12 weeks Danny and Steph will help you Kic ‘gymtimidation’ in the butt and level up your Kic workouts.

Let’s get you pumped up for your gym era with a bit of a breakdown on what to expect from Danny.

1. How Lift by Danny works

Lift is a 12 week progressive gym program. It’s available in the Kic app from Sunday 30 July. You can choose to workout 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 times a week, depending on what works best for you and your routine. Once you enrol in the program from Sunday 30 July, you can select the days you plan to Lift and the workouts will automatically appear in your Kic planner. The workouts range from 30 to 45 minutes, however the program is repetition based, so depending on your pace and rest period, the length of each session may vary.

Lift is perfect for all levels and abilities – whether you’re looking to gain confidence in the gym or advance your progress – Lift offers exercise swaps, regressions and progressions as necessary.

2. What you’ll focus on

Lift is a full body strength program – all workouts vary across lower body, upper body and full body focus, depending on how many days you choose to Lift. We’re focusing on building strength and gaining confidence in the gym, so you can master your gym equipment, improve form and achieve progressive overload.

3. The benefits you'll see

Lift will help you build confidence and self-esteem, increase lean muscle tissue which is essential to protect your joints, improve bone destiny, coordination, reduce risk of injury, improve athletic performance along with improving the ability to do normal day to day tasks (which is where a lot of people see surprisingly positive impact!) AND improve your anaerobic energy system (increasing your ability to workout at a high intensity and recover quickly between exercises, sets and workouts).

Get ready to Lift your limits. Available in app from Sunday, 30th July. Start your 7 day free trial & sign up today!