March 30, 2022

Meet the KIC Trainers!

Our KIC Master Trainers are seriously special. We’ve teamed up with some of the best in the biz to help you fall in love with moving your body and empower you to make sustainable long-term changes towards a healthier, happier lifestyle.

With the KIC Squad Faves Challenge starting this Monday, we wanted to introduce you to our incredible line up of experts who will be motivating you throughout the next four weeks! Whether you’ve worked out with none, some or even all of our trainers, this challenge is all about exploring everything KIC has to offer and developing a routine that you ACTUALLY enjoy!

Ready to meet the KIC Squad? Introducing…

Head Trainer Danny

Danny has been with KIC since day one and is certified PT and strength and conditioning coach. Whether you’re doing a Strength, HIIT or Super HIIT workout with Danny, you’re guaranteed to feel the burn while enjoying the banter. Steph and Laura are always working out alongside you when you select to train with Danny.


HIIT and Low Impact Trainer Brooke

Brooke is a pocket rocket and here to get your heart rate up. Whether you take on her HIIT or Low Impact sessions you’ll be finishing the workout glowing. You’re training with Brooke is enhanced as a result of her PT qualifications and background in health science. Don’t be fooled by her charm, she’s notorious for pushing you to the limit.


Bootcamp Trainer Leo

Leo amps up the spice in the KIC app with his Bootcamp workouts. Leo is full of energy and our ultimate hype man. When you workout with Leo, you’re in for a fully immersive full body workout which is entirely equipment free!


Strength Trainer Britt

Britt is here to help you build those muscles! Her sessions encourage you to place focus on form and incorporate various weights to help encourage muscle growth. Britt’s energy is infectious and will help you to fall in love with lifting heavy.


Pilates Instructor Mari

The wonderful Mari is a qualified Pilates instructor and physiotherapist with a Cert 4 in Fitness. So basically, she’s seriously knowledgeable about all things Pilates. Don’t let her gentle demeanour fool you as her workouts are tough! Whether you’re a fan of regular pilates, want to amp it up with cardio pilates or are coming back to movement after pregnancy, Mari has something in the KIC app for you.


Pilates Instructor Christina

Christina is here to help you strengthen and engage your core with her pilates classes. Being a mumma herself, she’s crafted an incredible serious of pre-natal pilates classes to help support, strengthen and nurture the body throughout pregnancy. But it doesn’t end there! Christina also has a range of regular and cardio pilates workouts waiting for you in the app.


Yoga Trainer Jamie

The delightful Jamie practices a conversational yoga style in the KIC app. His classes integrate story telling and movement to leave you feeling connected to your breath and body. You’re guaranteed to feel relaxed and grounded after a flow with Jamie.


Yoga Trainer Karen

Karen loves to share her energy with others and we have no doubt that you’ll feel her energy radiating in her practice. Karen brings a wealth of yoga experience to the KIC app. Her classes help you to master the fundamental yoga poses and are especially great for those new to yoga.


Mediation Coach Meg

Meg is the calming and soothing voice behind our incredibly powerful meditations. Whether you’re in need of a 5 minute re-fresh and re-set or are looking to wind down for sleep, Meg has you covered. She makes mediation simple, modern and accessible.


You’ll also see these faces in app…

Boxing Trainer Ellice

Ellice is a boxing powerhouse and the ultimate wellness warrior. No seriously, check out those guns! Ellice’s workouts are fierce and powerful and will leave you feeling ready to jump in the ring. Regardless of whether you’re new to boxing or a seasoned boxer, Ellice has you covered.


Yoga Trainer Cecily

Cecily’s flows focus on giving yourself space to breath and connect with YOU. Her classes encourage you to release tension and draw awareness to your body. Her gentle and kind voice guides you through each step of the practice as she continually encourages you to focus on your breath.


Women's Health Physio Ash

The bubbly Ash is the brains behind our KICBUMP program. Ash is a Physiotherapist with a passion for women’s health. This passion shines through in both her educational classes and stretching routines found in the KICBUMP Program.