June 26, 2024

Go with the flow. Meet our Yoga trainers.

Looking for a juicy flow? Or maybe you’re wanting to bring some calm and balance to your day. Whatever it may be, a Kic yoga flow is the perfect way to round out your workout and mindfulness routine.

Never tried Kic yoga and unsure of who’s classes to try first? No sweat, check the lowdown of Kic’s resident Yogi’s and their yoga class styles below:

Jamie - Yin

Jamie teaches in a conversational style which integrates story telling, yoga philosophy, anatomy and physiology. His low and slow classes include postural adaptions to suit your unique anatomy and experience level. Perfect if you need to unwind and find some calm in your practice.

Class to try: Hip Opening Yin Flow

Go slowly through this yin-inspired yoga flow, with poses encouraging stretch and openness in the hips and lower body. If you’re a runner or someone who completes a lot of HIIT or strength sessions that target your lower body – this practice is the yin to your yang!

Karen - Hatha/Vinyasa

Dedicated to helping her students embrace a healthy, passionate & balanced lifestyle, Karen is our much-loved, ultimate yogi. Karen’s classes are great for you if you’re wanting to feel strong and maybe get a little sweaty.

Class to try: Cosmic bliss

This hatha flow should be called ‘Steph’s go-to!’ It includes many fundamental yoga poses that work and open up the entire body. It involves some strong poses, so go at your own pace and stay at a level that you feel comfortable with.

Cecily - in between!

As a respected yoga teacher in Melbourne, Cecily’s desire & purpose is to inspire you to be the best version of yourself & navigate your life with more compassion, ease and presence. If you’re not sure if Yin or Vinyasa is more your vibe, start with a class from Cecily to get the best of both worlds!

Class to try: Free your spine

We pay close attention to isolating the vertebrae in your spine through spinal undulations, side to side and circular movements. Awaken every inch of your body, gain more body awareness and connect to the pulsation of life.