April 19, 2023

Love Reformer Pilates? Try this at-home hack!

Reformer Pilates, it’s a love-hate relationship. One class will have you feeling the burn in both your body… And your bank account!

At $30 a pop, keeping up a consistent Reformer Pilates routine is pretty unattainable for a lot of us. Thankfully with Kic, you don’t have to sacrifice consistency or your love for Pilates. With unlimited access to over 100 Pilates classes from just $9.75 per month – it’s a no-brainer that Reformer is ‘out’ for 2023 and Mat Pilates is coming ‘in’ hot!

But if you’re craving that extra challenge you get from a Reformer bed, we’re spilling the tea on how you can get your fix from home!

How to get your Reformer Pilates fix from home

Our secret weapon – Sliders! These slippery little disks may not look like much, but trust us, they will help you take your Pilates to the next level. Using sliders in your workouts will force you to really switch on your deep core, which is essential to maintain posture, stability and balance.

Sliders can help you achieve your favourite Reformer movements on the mat, like lunges, scooters, planks and pikes. Allowing your muscles to work through a deeper range of motion, to help improve your flexibility.

When using sliders you’ll need to crank up your muscle activation and engagement, helping you get even more out of each movement!

Don’t have sliders? No sweat!

Pop on a pair of socks or grab a small facecloth to place under your hands or feet (if you have smooth, wooden floors). Honestly, anything goes – Steph’s even used one of Harvey’s giant jigsaw puzzle pieces!

Ready to level up your mat Pilates?

Our Pilates instructors Leo and Kika love a good slider series!

Leo’s Power Pilates combines our favourite strength movements with traditional Pilates. You’ll quickly learn that slower, focused and controlled movements will help you really feel the burn.

There’s a reason Kika’s Barre Pilates classes are always trending, she’s a pocket rocket that boosts your endorphins high and your squats low. Her workouts are guaranteed to get your legs shaking, core burning and leave your body and mind feeling strong!

Get your fix with our go-to slider sessions

Kika’s Slider Challenge

Short on time? This 5-minute challenge has your name on it! With single-leg lunges, scooters and mountain climbers for maximum burn in minimal time.

Kika’s Legs & Glutes Barre

Join Kika & Steph as you fire up your lower body with lunges, scooters, squats and kickbacks in this 20-minute intermediate workout.

Leos’ Full Body Strengthener

Move through this advanced 30-minute session with Steph and work your entire body. Following a sequence of tricep extensions, glute bridges, commandos, 100’s and more!

Leo’s Top-to-Toe Pilates Circuit

Leo guides you through his downward dog push-up flow, finishing with lunges and scooters to get those glutes and hammies working hard. 15 minutes is all it takes.

Get your Pilates fix from home with a 7 Day Free Trial today!